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Mohamed Mansour (Businessperson, Egypt)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Mohamed Mansour (Egyptian Muslim Businessman)

  1. Mohamed Mansour (Egyptian Businessman, Muslim);
  2. Mansour Group.

Mohamed Mansour (Egyptian Businessman)
Mohamed Mansour. Egyptian Muslim Businessman (Master Business Egypt)

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Mohamed Mansour (Egyptian Businessman).

Mohamed Mansour (Egyptian Muslim Businessman and former politician) was born in 1948 in the heart of one of the most prominent business families of Alexandria. In 1965 the group was nationalized.

  1. Mohamed Mansour is Sunni Muslim;
  2. Mohamed Mansour is also the founder of “Lead Foundation”, which provides funding to small and medium enterprises;
  3. Mansour created Automotive Mansour in 1975;
  4. In 2003 the GM Corporation took 10% of company shares;
  5. Today, is the sole distributor of General Motors in Egypt, Iraq and Libya;
  6. Mantrac, another company of the Group, distributes Caterpillar products in Russia, Iraq, and six African Countries;
  7. Mohamed Mansour was Minister of Transport (2006-2009).

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Mohamed Mansour (African Businessman) belongs to the East African Economic Area (African Civilization).

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