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Syllabus of the eLearning Course (Subject): Lubna Olayan (Saudi Businesswoman).

  1. The Saudi Muslim Businesswoman and Philanthropist Lubna Olayan
  2. Olayan Group
  3. Arab Thought Foundation
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Lubna Olayan Businesswoman Saudi Arabia, Course

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Description of the Course / Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Lubna Olayan (Saudi Businesswoman)

The prominent Muslim Businesswoman Ms Lubna Suliman Olayan was born in 1955 in Saudi Arabia; she is considered one of the most influential businesswomen in the World.

Ms Lubna Suliman Olayan is the CEO of Olayan Financing Company and a member of the International Advisory Boards of Rolls-Royce and Citigroup. Furthermore, Olayan is a member of the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum.

Incorporated in 1947, the Olayan Group is a global private company with business in the industrial and commercial sector (composed of forty companies, mainly in Saudi Arabia) in the Gulf region. It is one of the top ten companies in Saudi Arabia.

Ms Lubna Suliman Olayan is a member of the Council of the Arab Thought Foundation, founded with the aim of encouraging the pride of the Arab nation, based on his values and ethical principles.

Harmony of Religions (e-Doctorate) e-Doctorate: Ahimsa Business Non-Violence

“Every citizen of Saudi Arabia, regardless of gender, should find a work for which he or she is trained, which will bring a prosperous middle-class in which all the Saudi people, inhabitants or aliens can consider secure and can reside in an environment where there are reciprocal respect and tolerance among all, irrespective of social class, religion, or gender.” Lubna S. Olayan

The Arab Women Lubna Suliman Olayan belongs to the Arab Economic Area (Islamic Civilisation).

Religions and business - Islam

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