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Algiers-Lagos Trans-African Highway

Syllabus of the Subject: Algiers (Algeria) - Lagos (Nigeria) Corridor / Trans-Saharan Highway (Transport Course).

  1. Introduction to the Algiers-Lagos Corridor (or Trans-Saharan Highway or Trans-African Highway)
  2. The main features of the Algiers-Lagos Corridor (West Africa, Maghreb)
  3. Access to five Northern and Western African Markets: Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, and Tunisia

Trans-African Corridors

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Example of the Subject: Algiers-Lagos Trans-Saharan Highway
Algiers-Lagos Corridor (Trans-Saharan Highway)

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Description of the Subject: Algiers-Lagos Corridor.

The Algiers-Lagos Trans-African Highway, or the Trans-Saharan Highway (4,504 kilometres), links:

  1. North Africa: Algeria (2,106 kilometres) and Tunisia, with
  2. West Africa: Niger (655 kilometres), Nigeria (1,193 kilometres) and Mali

Key features of the Trans-Saharan Transport Corridor:

  1. Countries of the Trans-Saharan Transport Corridor: Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, and Tunisia
  2. Chad is also in the influence area of the of the Trans-Saharan Transport Corridor
  3. Main languages in the region of the Algiers-Lagos Corridor: Arabic, English, and French
  4. Main religion in the region of the Algiers-Lagos Corridor: Islam
  5. Main cities in the Trans-Saharan Highway: Algiers, Ghardaia, Tamanrasset, In Guezzam, Arlit (Frontier Algeria/Niger), Agadez, Zinder, Kano, Oyo, Ibadan, Lagos
  6. Paved: 85%

The Trans-Saharan Highway links with other African corridors:

  1. In Algiers (Algeria) with the Cairo-Dakar Trans-African Highway
  2. In Kano (Nigeria) with the Dakar-N’Djamena corridor (Trans-Sahelian Highway)
  3. In Lagos (Nigeria) with the Lagos-Mombasa Corridor
  4. In Lagos (Nigeria) with the Dakar-Lagos Corridor and Lagos-Mombasa corridor
  5. Tunisia (Tunis) - Algeria (Gabes - Hazoua - Ghardaia) link (800 kilometres) is a feeder of the Algiers-Lagos Trans-African Highway
  6. Algeria (Tamanrasset) - Mali (Gao - Bamako) -2,226 kilometres- is also considered as a feeder of the Algiers-Lagos Trans-African Highway

The largest ports in the Trans-Saharan Highway region:

  1. Port of Lagos (Nigeria)
  2. Tunisian Ports (Feeder)
  3. Port of Algiers

The Trans-Saharan Highway belongs to the African Civilisation.

  1. West African Economic Area
  2. Maghrebian Economic Area

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African Regional Economic Communities (REC) related to the Trans-Saharan Highway:

  1. Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
  2. Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD)
  3. Arab Maghreb Union (AMU)
  4. West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)

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