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Ports of Algeria (Algiers, Oran)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Ports of Algiers and Oran (Algeria)

  1. Algerian ports;
  2. Port of Algiers;
  3. Port of Oran;
  4. Algerian Road Network.

Ports of Algeria
Algerian Ports: Algiers, Oran, Annaba, Mostaganem (Maritime Transport Course)

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Maritime Transport in Africa (Maghrebian Ports).

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Online Course Business in the Maghreb

Algerian ports.

The largest ports of Algeria are Algiers, Annaba, Oran, Beni Saf, Cherchell, Dellys, Djen Djen, Ghazaouet, Mostaganem, Skikda, and Tenes.

Port of Algiers:

  1. The Port of Algiers is the first commercial Algerian port;
  2. The Port of Algiers handles 33% of the Algerian foreign trade;
  3. The Hinterland of the Port of Algiers covers the Centre, East centre and West centre of Algeria;
  4. The Algerian petroleum companies located at the South of Algeria can access to the Port;
  5. Location of the Port of Algiers: North western part of Algeria, Bay of Algiers (Mediterranean Sea);
  6. Approved in 1998, the Container Terminal covers an area of 30.3 hectares. It has two berths with a draft of 9 to 11 meters;
  7. The Container Terminal is operated by DPWORLD (United Arab Emirates) since 2009 under concession;
  8. Warehousing area of the Port of Algiers: 282,000 m² (120,000 tones of goods);
  9. The average monthly volume landed is 800,000 tones;
  10. There are nine access doors to the port of Algiers;
  11. There are three posts for tankers berthing at the pier No. 37 for petroleum tankers loading and unloading;
  12. Feeder services from Spain (Valencia and Barcelona), France (Marseille);
  13. The main cities near the Port of Algiers are Chief, Tiaret, Ain Oussera, Blida; Tizi Ouzou, Djelfa, Bou Saada, M'Sila, Bordj Bou Arreidj, Ghardaia, Ouargla, and Hassi Messaoud.

Areas of the Port of Algiers:

  1. North Zone: Bounded by the fishery and Harbour Master - Capitainerie- (Docks 5 to 11);
  2. Centre Zone: Bounded by the dry docks and Container Terminal (Docks 16-25);
  3. South Zone: Bounded by the Container Terminal and East breakwater (Pier 30 to 37).

Port of Oran:

  1. Location of the Port of Oran (Wahran): West of Algeria (Mediterranean Sea);
  2. Managed by the Oran Port Authority (ENTREPRISE PORTUAIRE D'ORAN);
  3. Near engaged Shipping lines linking Northwest of Europe to the Suez Canal;
  4. 200 kilometers from Spain;
  5. At the midpoint between the Strait of Gibraltar and Port of Algiers;
  6. East entrance channel has a length of 150 meters and a deep of 25 meters;
  7. 24 commercial berths.

Railways: Oran-Tlélat, Oran-Alger, and Oran-Béchar (Rail Transport in Africa).

Algerian road network:

  1. Roads: 112,696 kilometers;
  2. Highways: 29,820 kilometers. East-West Highway (1,216 kilometers);
  3. Cairo-Algeria-Dakar Trans-African Highway;
  4. Algiers-Lagos Corridor: Algeria, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, and Tunisia;
  5. Algerian Railway Network: 10,500 kilometers. Managed by the National Rail Transport (SNTF).

Case Study: Transport sector in Algeria.

Algeria Logistics

More information about Algeria (EENI African Business Portal).

  1. Algiers;
  2. Oran;
  3. Constantine;
  4. Transport and Logistics in Algeria.

Ports of Algeria belongs to the Maghrebian Economic Area (Islamic Civilization and the African Civilization).

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