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EENI -The Global Business School.

EENI - The Global Business School

EENI - The Global Business School is a European business school located in Spain specialized in foreign trade, international business and global marketing with more than 4,000 students from hundred countries.

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Master Executive in International Business (MIBE) - 120 ECTS

The 16th edition of the Program of Master in International Business (Foreign Trade, International Marketing and Internationalization) -students from 100 countries- is designed to provide all the knowledge, tools, and techniques related to the international business, and global marketing. Modules:

Master International Trade Master in International Business

Master in International Business Video Master in International Business

The Master in International Business (Foreign Trade, International Marketing, and Internationalization) includes an adaptation module with contents adapted to each country Africa, America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East:

Fees of the Master Executive in International Business (Foreign trade, Global Marketing, and Internationalization): 3,547 Euros. Scholarships are available for the Master

Master Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa

We Trust in Africa Africa: the Next Emerging Continent

Other masters e-learning

  1. Master in Foreign Trade and International Marketing (Incoterms, logistics, customs, segmentation, distribution, promotion...)
  2. Master in Business in America
  3. Master in Business in Asia
  4. Master in Business in BRICS-MNS Countries
  5. Master in Emerging and Frontier Markets
  6. Master in Business in the Pacific Rim
  7. Master in International Economic Relations

Doctorate International Business (DIB)

  1. DIB in Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business
  2. Doctorate DIB Africa
  3. Doctorate DIB America
  4. Doctorate DIB Asia
  5. Doctorate DIB Muslim Countries

Courses of international trade (e-learning).

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in International Trade
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in International Marketing
  3. Foreign trade management (Incoterms Customs Import-Export Documents)
  4. International Transport and Logistics
  5. Course: Transport and Logistics in Africa

84% of humanity claims to belong to any religion. How does religion influence in international marketing and global business?

EENI Project "Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business." Civilizations and regional economic integration.

EENI is a member of the: International Commission on Distance Learning (ECOSOC United Nations) (INTCODE), Spanish Association of Business Schools, Global Compact of the United Nations. EENI is collaborator member of the Tripartite Foundation for On-the-job Training - European Social Fund- (European Union).

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Master Burkina
Master in International Business University Ouaga II (Burkina Faso) and EENI

Mamadou Camara Senegal Mamadou Camara representative of EENI for Senegal.

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EENI: We condemn any kind of violence

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Doing Business in Asia, America, Africa, China, India, Russia, the Middle East...

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal
EENI delivers to HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal a Master Honoris Causa.

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