Naushad N. Merali (Businessperson, Kenya)

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Sub-subject Sub-subject: Naushad N. Merali (Muslim Businessman). Syllabus:

  1. Naushad N. Merali (Muslim Kenyan Businessman)
  2. The Telephone Company Kencell
  3. The Kenyan Conglomerate Sameer Group


Sub-subject “Naushad N. Merali (Kenya, Muslim)” is studied...
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Sample of the Sub-subject: Naushad N. Merali (Kenya)
Naushad N. Merali Kenyan Businessman

Description Sub-Subject Description: Naushad N. Merali (Kenyan Businessman):

  1. The African Businessman Naushad N. Merali (1951, Nairobi - Kenya - East Africa) was the founder of the company Kencell, provider of mobile telephony services in alliance with the French company Vivendi.
  2. Naushad N. Merali is one of the Top industrials of Kenya
  3. Naushad N. Merali is considered one of the main responsible for the development of trade and commercial sector in Kenya; Mr Merali also has business activities in other countries of the East Africa region.
  4. Merali devotes his time to managing the affairs of the Sameer Group, a conglomerate of fifteen Kenyan companies ranging from financial services to agriculture and even information technology.
  5. The three of these companies are listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange.
  6. He participated in the World Economic Forum of 2011 in Davos as one of the African delegates.
  7. Mr Naushad N. Merali is a member of the Kenya Export Promotion Council
  8. Mr Merali is Muslim (is Kenyan of Indian origin as Bhimji Depar Shah)

The Muslim Businessman Naushad N. Merali belongs to the:

  1. East African Economic Area of the African Civilisation
  2. Economic area of the Hindu Civilisation

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