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A.A. Mazrui (Kenyan Historian)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Ali Al'amin Mazrui (Historian, Kenya).

  1. Ali A. Mazrui (Kenyan Historian);
  2. His reflections on Africanity, Islam, and Christianity.

Ali Al'amin Mazrui (African Historian)
Ali Al'amin Mazrui (Historian, Kenya) His reflections on Africanity, Islam, and Christianity

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A.A. Mazrui (Kenyan Historian).

The Kenyan Historian Ali Al'amin Mazrui -A.A. Mazrui- (1933 - 2014) specializes in the History of Africa, African politics, Islamic Civilization and international relations between North and South. A.A. Mazrui has written more than twenty books.

A.A. Mazrui was the editor of the Volume VIII (Africa since 1935. Independence of the African Countries) of the UNESCO General History of Africa.

  1. Place of birth of Ali Al'amin Mazrui: Mombasa (Kenya);
  2. Religion: Muslim. His father was an Islamic Judge;
  3. Ali Al'amin Mazrui refuses terrorism or violence related to the Islamism;
  4. For Ali Al'amin Mazrui, the democracy is not compatible with the Sharia law;
  5. Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies (Binghamton University, New York);
  6. Consultant (Head of States, Research Institutions...);
  7. Ali Al'amin Mazrui was critical to socialism and communism in Africa (Western import concept);
  8. A supporter of the African liberalism and the Triple Heritage (Africanity, Islam, and Christianity);
  9. B.A. (Manchester University) and Doctorate (Oxford University);
  10. Professor of Social Sciences (Makerere University, Kampala Uganda);
  11. Kwame Nkrumah (pan-Africanism) influenced Ali Al'amin Mazrui.

Main topics of the work of A.A. Mazrui:

  1. African History;
  2. African Politics;
  3. Islamic Civilization;
  4. North-South Relations.

Bibliography of Ali Al'amin Mazrui:

  1. Africans: A Triple Heritage;
  2. Warrior Tradition in Modern Africa;
  3. African Nationalism and New States;
  4. Africanity Redefined;
  5. African Political Values and Educated Class;
  6. Islam: Between Globalization and Counterterrorism;
  7. Swahili, State, and Society;
  8. African Condition: A Political Diagnosis;
  9. Content of Character: Ethical Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ali Al'amin Mazrui belongs to the East African Economic Area (African Civilization).

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