Amina Al Rustamani (UAE)

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Sub-subject: Amina Al Rustamani (Businesswoman / United Arab Emirates). Syllabus:

  1. The Emirati Muslim Businesswoman Amina Al Rustamani
  2. The TECOM Investments Company
  3. The “Dubai Holding” Group
The sub-subject “Amina Al Rustamani (Emirates)” is studied...
  1. Masters: International Business, Muslims Countries, and Frontier Markets
  2. Doctorates (Distance learning): Islamic Countries, Religion and Business
  3. Course: The Middle East

أمينة الرستماني

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Sample of the sub-subject: Amina Al Rustamani
Amina Al Rustamani Emirati Businesswoman

Description of the Sub-Subject: Amina Al Rustamani (Emirati businesswoman):

  1. Amina Al Rustamani is the Managing Director (CEO) of TECOM Investments (the United Arab Emirates)
  2. Before, she was Managing Director (CEO) of TECOM Business Parks, an institution founded in 2009 managing the ten business parks of the United Arab Emirates
  3. Dr Amina is also a member of the Board of the National Media Council (Dubai Media), the Council of Free Zones of Dubai, the Authority of Health of Dubai
  4. Dr Amina Al Rustamani is a recognised world authority on wireless technologies
  5. TECOM Investments (belonging to Dubai Holding) was created in 2005 and is focused on Information and communications technology, Education, Sciences and Media. Tecom also manages the business park in Dubai.
  6. Dubai Holding was created in 2004; it is a company of global investment portfolio. More than 20,000 people work in the Holding
  7. Arab Women Amina Al Rustamani belongs to the Arab Economic Area of the Islamic Civilisation

Religions and Global Trade - Islam - Muslim Businessman.

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