Anas Sefrioui (Businessperson, Morocco)

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Sub-subject: Anas Sefrioui (Moroccan Businessperson). Syllabus:

  1. The Moroccan Muslim Businessperson Anas Sefrioui
  2. The Addoha group (property)
  3. Expansion process of the Addoha group in Africa
Sub-subject “Anas Sefrioui (Morocco, Businessperson)” is studied...
  1. Masters: Muslims Countries, and Frontier Markets
  2. Doctorates: Islamic Countries, Religion and Business, and Africa
  3. Courses (Distance learning): the Maghreb, African Economy

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عزيز أخنوش

Sample of the Sub-subject: Anas Sefrioui (Morocco)
Anas Sefrioui Morocco

Sub-Subject Description: Anas Sefrioui (Moroccan Businessperson):

  1. The Moroccan Businessperson Anas Sefrioui (1957, Fez - Morocco) Forbes considers him as the third-richest in the Kingdom of Morocco (net worth: 1,300 million dollars).
  2. Mr Sefrioui Anas is the founder, President, and major stakeholder (62%) of the Addoha Group, listed on the Stock Exchange of Casablanca, one of the largest real estate and property development companies in the region. He created the company in 1988.
  3. In 2005, the company of Sefrioui Anas won a mega construction project in Morocco and won near 1 billion dollars.
  4. His business model is exported to other countries like the United Arab Emirates
  5. Sefrioui Anas is considered one of the most powerful business leaders in the African continent.
  6. Addoha Group has an interest in other sectors, by example the group has created the company “Cement Atlas” building two cement factories in Morocco, Guinea-Conakry, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Congo, and Gabon.
  7. Anas Sefrioui is also building social housing on the African continent.
  8. Anas Sefrioui is Muslim.
  9. The African Businessperson Anas Sefrioui belongs to the Maghrebian Economic Area (Islamic Civilisation and African Civilisation).

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