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Syllabus of the eLearning Course (Subject): Miloud Chaabi (Moroccan Businessman and Political).

  1. The Moroccan Muslim Businessman Miloud Chaabi
  2. Ynna Holding (hotels, supermarkets). Prohibition of alcohol in their hotels
  3. Miloud Chaabi Foundation
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Sample of the e-learning Course / Subject: Miloud Chaabi (Moroccan Muslim Businessman)
Miloud Chaabi Moroccan Businessman (Course)

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Description of the Course / Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Miloud Chaabi (Moroccan Businessman)

The Moroccan businessperson Miloud Chaabi (1930, Essaouira - Morocco) is one of the richest businessman of the Kingdom with an estimated net worth of 2,100 million dollars

  1. Miloud Chaabi is the founder of the Ynna Holding
  2. Starting from a small family business specialising in the construction and real estate development, the Ynna Holding is today a multinational with a workforce of nearly 20,000 employees and among the largest employers in Morocco
  3. The Ynna Holding has a solid reputation both in Morocco and abroad
  4. The Ynna Holding is a private company whose shareholders include only those members of the family Chaabi
  5. Miloud Chaabi is Muslim

The Ynna Holding operates in four key business sectors in line with the evolution of the Moroccan market:

  1. Heavy Industry and construction
  2. Property Development and hospitality
  3. Retail and food
  4. Renewable Energy

The YNNA Holding contributed to the development of social housing by investing both in construction and materials, water supply, and sanitation. The Group is present in Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Miloud Chaabi Foundation was established in 1965 and is among the first foundations of Morocco (a non-profit development organisation).

Al Qalam is an educational institution created in 1995 by the Miloud Chaabi foundation and authorised by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education Executive Training, and Scientific Research.

The African Businessman Miloud Chaabi belongs to the Maghrebian Economic Area (Islamic Civilisation and African Civilisation).

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