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African Civilization - Ancient Egypt

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Sheikh Anta Diop: origin of the Egyptian civilization is African

  1. Belonging of the Pharaonic Egypt to the universe of Black Africa (Black Egyptian hypothesis)
  2. Cultural arguments: language, writing, architecture, crafts, musical instruments, art, technology
  3. Sociological arguments: matriarchy, totemism, religion, philosophy, transfer of knowledge (initiation ceremonies)
  4. Anthropological arguments: The blackness of the Egyptians, physical anthropology, molecular biology, iconography
  5. Conclusions

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The People of the Egyptian Civilization “designated themselves as Blacks”
The origin of the Egyptian civilization is African

Sample - Ancient Egypt and the African Civilization (Sheikh Anta Diop - African Historian)
Ancient Egypt African Civilization
Source: Association KHEPERA.

  1. Multidisciplinary research methodology (Théophile Obenga and Sheikh Anta Diop)
  2. Volume II “Origin of the ancient Egyptians” of the History of Africa
  3. Linguistic comparison of the Egyptian language (Coptic/Pharaonic) with current black-African languages (Wolof) conjugation, phrases, lexicography, phonetics
  4. Architecture: Comparison between the Ancient Egypt, Nubia, Zimbabwe, Mali (Tomb of Askia), Ethiopia
  5. Instruments (music) compared to the Central African harps
  6. Current systems of writing (hieroglyphics) in Africa
  7. Metallurgical techniques (compared to West Africa)
  8. Comparison of the current African art (sculptures from Nigeria, Benin, Zimbabwe...) The cave paintings
  9. Sociology: totemism, matriarchy, Religion (Fon, Ewe, and Yoruba), Philosophy, initiation ceremonies
  10. Anthropology: The people of the civilization of the ancient Egypt were considered black. Herodotus, the Bible, paintings, sculptures, ancient Western art
  11. Biological analysis: melanin (skin pigment mummies), the tonnage-genetic (DNA)
  12. History: The Origin of the Egyptian Civilization is African (non-Asian). Analysis of the hieroglyphic texts, historical tradition, Herodotus, 14 Coal analysis, archaeology

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