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History of Africa, Slavery, Colonialism

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Syllabus of the Subject

African Prehistory, Colonialism, Independence (History of Africa)

  1. Introduction to the UNESCO General History of Africa
  2. Methodology and African Prehistory (Volume I)
  3. Ancient African Civilizations (Volume II)
  4. Africa from 7th to 11th century (Volume III)
  5. Africa from 12th to 16th Century (Volume IV)
  6. Africa from 16th to 18th Century (Volume V)
  7. Africa in the 19th century until 1880 - Abolition of Slavery- (Volume VI)
  8. Africa under Colonial Domination, 1880-1935 (Volume VII)
  9. Africa since 1935. Independence of African Countries (Volume VIII)
  10. Phase II of the General History of Africa. Sankofa
  11. Authors of the UNESCO General History of Africa
  12. African Historians

The objectives of the subject “History of Africa” are the following:

  1. To understand the role of Africa in the history of humanity
  2. To study the evolution of the African history
  3. To understand the fundamental concept of the oral traditions in Africa
  4. To analyze the foundations of the African Traditional Religions
  5. To know the African empires and kingdoms
  6. To understand the impact of the Islamic Civilization on Africa (Islamization, slave trade, trade routes...)
  7. To understand the impact of the Western-Christian Civilization on Africa (Christianization, transatlantic slave trade, abolitionism, colonization, independence...)
  8. To analyze the African Diaspora in America

UNESCO General History of Africa
Methodology and African Prehistory

Three millions of years of the African History. African contribution to humanity.

African Student, Master / Doctorate International Business

The Subject “UNESCO General History of Africa” belongs to the following Online Programs taught by EENI Global Business School:

Master: Business in Africa.

Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB)

Doctorate in African Business.

Doctorate in International Business (DIB) Online

Languages: Masters, Doctorate, International Business, English or Study Doctorate in International Business in French Histoire Afrique Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Historia Africa Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish Historia Africa.

  1. Credits of the Subject “History of Africa”: 4 ECTS Credits
  2. Duration: 4 weeks
  3. Download the syllabus: “History of Africa” (PDF)

We Trust in Africa (Affordable Higher Education for Africans)

  1. Eight volumes
  2. Each volume: thirty chapters
  3. President of the International Scientific Committee of the General History of Africa: Bethwell Allan Ogot
  4. African authors (Sheikh Anta Diop, Théophile Obenga, Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Ahmadou Hampaté Bá, Boubou Hama, Elikia M'Bokolo, Hichem Djaït, Pathé Diagne, Akin Mabogunje, Ali Al'amin Mazrui, Christophe Wondji, Jacob Festus Adeniyi Ajayi, Albert Adu Boahen Kwadwo, Djibril Tamsir Niane...) and non-Africans
  5. Translations of the General History of Africa: French, English, Portuguese, Arabic, Kiswahili, Hausa, and Spanish
  6. Historic inter-African relations
  7. African contribution to the development of humanity
  8. Huge diversity of sources
  9. Recognition of the African Cultural Heritage

Ancient Africa

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  1. African Civilization
  2. Africa: The Cradle of humanity

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