Helena Baturina. Businesswoman (Russia)

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Sub-subject Sub-subject: Helena Baturina (Russian businesswoman and philanthropist). Syllabus:

  1. Yelena Baturina (Russian Orthodox Businesswoman and Philanthropist)
  2. The Russian Construction Group INTECO
  3. “Be Open” Foundation


Sub-subject “Helena Baturina (Orthodox, Russia)” is studied...
  1. Course: Russia
  2. Doctorate Ethics, Religion, and Business (Online)
  3. Masters: International Business, Europe, BRICS Countries, and Pacific

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Sample of the Sub-subject: Helena Baturina (Russia, Orthodox)
Yelena Baturina Russian Businesswoman

Description Sub-Subject Description: Yelena Baturina (Russian Orthodox businesswoman):

  1. The Russian oligarch Helena Baturina Nikolayevna (1963, Moscow) is the richest woman in Russia (+ 1 billion dollars).
  2. Barutina is Christian Orthodox.
  3. She was the founder of INTECO (1991), one of the largest construction companies in the Russian Federation.
  4. Helena Baturina is also the founder BE OPEN, a philanthropic and cultural foundation.
  5. ZAO INTECO is one of the largest Russian construction companies; the firm also develops materials and technologies for facade building panels, cement, and property (real estate) projects
  6. The objective of Inteco is to build one million square metres (offices, business centres) INTECO also manages a panel construction, plastics, and cement plants.
  7. Helena Baturina is the owner of hotels in Russia, Ireland, Austria, and Czech Republic
  8. Patriot is a branch of Inteco, founded with the objective of develops residential housing projects in the Russian Federation.
  9. INTECO dedicates significant resources to Corporate social responsibility activities, especially charity, sports, and culture.

“Unfortunately, the material world seems to prevail, and this is not good for the humanity.

The concept of consumerism is profit-driven, but ideas cannot always be profitable, especially in the short-term” Elena Baturina - The Financial Times.

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