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Vladimir Potanin. Businessman (Russia)

Syllabus of the Subject: Vladimir Potanin (Russian Philanthropist).

  1. Vladimir Potanin (Russian Orthodox Businessman and Philanthropist)
  2. Interros group
  3. Vladimir Potanin Foundation
  4. Adhesion to the Giving Pledge (Bill Gates)
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Sample of the Subject: Vladimir Potanin (Russian Orthodox)
Vladimir Potanin Russian Businessman (Course Master)

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Description of the Subject: Vladimir Potanin (Russian Businessman)

Vladimir Potanin (Russian Businessman and Philanthropist, 1961, Moscow - Russia, Europe) studied International Economic Relations in Moscow.

  1. Between 1983 and 1990 he worked as a specialist at the Russian Ministry of International Trade
  2. In 1990, he founded the Interros Foreign Trade Association
  3. In 1993, he was the President of the UNEXIM Bank (United Export-Import Bank)
  4. With total assets of near 15 billion dollars, Interros, presided by Vladimir Putanin, has become the largest investment enterprise in the Russian Federation, the company has inversions in property (real estate), mining, logistics, tourism, Media, and Metals
  5. Interros has an excellent reputation in the Russian Federation, where the company invests 80% of his portfolio
  6. In 2008, Vladimir Potanin became the only holder of Interros
  7. In 2012, became the Director of MMC Norilsk Nickel

Potanin is one of the largest philanthropists in the World

  1. In 1999 he created the Vladimir Putin Foundation, mainly focused on culture (he donated 5 million dollars to the Hermitage Museum) and education (he donated 6.5 million dollars to MGIMO-University of Moscow), his foundation is one of the largest in the Russian Federation
  2. In 2010, he pledged to donate most of his fortune to philanthropic causes
  3. In 2013, Mr Vladimir Potanin joined the Giving Pledge (Bill Gates and Warren Buffett)

Vladimir Potanin is Christian Orthodox; he has received the Order of St. Prince Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostles, gold Order of the Apostle Paul (Cyprus)

Doctorate: Ahimsa Orthodox

Russian Trade Agreements: APEC, ASEAN, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, EurAsEC, Eurasian Economic Union, Commonwealth of Independent States, European Union, Andean Community, BRICS Countries, Black Sea Economic Cooperation...

Orthodox Economic Area.

  1. Helena Baturina
  2. Alexander Lebedev

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