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Mohammed Al-Barwani (Businessperson. Oman)

Syllabus of the Sub-subject: Doctor Mohammed Al-Barwani (Oman).

  1. The Omani Muslim Entrepreneur Mohammed Al-Barwani
  2. Multinational Corporation Holding MB
  3. Charitable Foundation Mohammed Al-Barwani. Distribution of the Zakat
The Sub-subject “Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair (Emirates, Muslim)” is part of the following programs:
  1. Masters (e-learning): International Business, Muslims Countries
  2. Doctorates: Islamic Countries, Ethics, Religion, and Business
  3. Course: Middle East

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 محمد البرواني

Master in International Business for the Omani Students

Sample of the Sub-subject: Doctor Mohammed Al-Barwani (Omani Muslim Entrepreneur)
Mohammed Al-Barwani Omani Businessman

Description of the Sub-Subject: Mohammed Al-Barwani (Omani Businessman)

Doctor Mohammed Al-Barwani is the Founder and President of the MB Group (Oman)

  1. Today the Holding MB is a global corporation with branches in the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North Africa
  2. Strategy of diversification of the holding is based on four business areas: Petroleum, mining, and manufacturing
  3. Nowadays, more than 6,000 employees work on the Holding MB
  4. The MB Holding is located in the Sultanate of Oman, with headquarters in Muscat

Sharifa Al Harthy is the Vice Chairperson of MB Holding

  1. Miss Sharifa Al Harthy works in the group since 1960 managing human resources and governmental relationship.
  2. She is also the Director or the Charitable Foundation Mohammed Al-Barwani
  3. The aim of the foundation is to provide scholarships, support the Association of Omanis Women, help needy patients, social care or distribute the Zakat and sadaqa (charity)

Usama Al-Barwani is the Director of Development of Business of the MB Holding and Director of Mazoon Petrogas. Mr Usama Al-Barwani is the son of the Doctor Mohammed Al-Barwani.

The Muslim Businessman Mohammed Al-Barwani belongs to the Arab Economic Area (Islamic Civilisation)

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