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“Doing Business in...” - the student can develop a business plan (export a product or service, import, investment) for this market.

The objective of the subjects “Doing Business in...” is that the student can develop a business plan (export a product or service, import, investment) for this market.

To facilitate and guide the student in developing the business plan, EENI has drawn up this market access tool.

The objective of this methodology is to facilitate the complex work of global research and access to export markets that any exporter should be performed continuously.

Doing Business in - Market Access.

This tool is divided into four levels:

Market Access

1- Learning materials.

  1. EENI Guides “Doing Business in...”
  2. Supplementary materials on business in that country (update reports)
  3. Websites of interest to the exporter

2- Information on the market. This utility is designed to obtain a real-time information on business, foreign trade, tariffs, non-tariff measures, market access, certificates of origin, agreements, or ease of doing business. More than 200 sources of information can be consulted. It is divided into five parts:

  1. Country profile
  2. Foreign Trade
  3. Market Access
  4. Investment abroad
  5. Additional market information

Note: module two is free for all of our students and alumni.

3- Regional Associations.

4- Free Trade Agreements related to the country.

It is highly recommended that the student create his business guides in function of the above information and the particularities of his company (country of origin, product/service to export, foreign investment, small and medium enterprise or multinational)

Finally, the student must write a business plan for the target market.

An example of the Market Access Tool view from the e-campus for the subject “Business in Brazil,” all links gets real-time information about the market analysed:
Ex Country profile

Market Access FDI

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