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Market Access - Free Trade Agreements (FTA) related to the country (eLearning Course)

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Almost all the countries have some free trade agreement with the third countries. The exporter should know the existence and main features of these agreements because they have a direct bearing on the export competitiveness in the market.

International Market Access (Master)

If we wish to export to Singapore and our country does not have a free trade agreement (FTA) with this country; we will be at a disadvantage compared to a Chinese company since both countries belong to the ASEAN + 3 (comprising all the ASEAN Countries, China, Japan, and South Korea).

A company wishing to export to Singapore must know the existence of the next Free Trade Agreements:

  1. Singapore has Free Trade Agreements with Australia, China, Jordan, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the United States, Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement
  2. Singapore Free Trade Agreements (as a member of the ASEAN): ASEAN Free-Trade Area, Australia-New Zealand, China, India, Japan, Korea

The e-campus shows the Free Trade Agreements affecting this market, in this case, to Singapore:
Singapore FTA

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For every free trade agreement, the e-campus offers detailed information about the agreement: an explanation, official texts, certificate of origin, bilateral trade, business opportunities, or the websites of the agreements.

Free Trade Agreement (Course)

EENI Global Business School has about 350 Trade Agreements documented and registered in the e-campus.

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