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To design a proper market research; it is necessary to know, furthermore to the information previously analysed (tools: Learning materials and Market Information), all the associations and regional institutions to which the country belongs, and how to affect the way of doing business in this market.

Market Access

For example, a company wishing to do business in Singapore should know that this country belongs, among others, to:

  1. Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  2. Economic Cooperation Asia-Pacific
  3. Indian-Ocean Rim Association

The e-Campus informs to the student of the regional organisations to which the country belongs:
Regional Associations

For example, Singapore's ASEAN membership implies free trade with the rest of the ASEAN Countries (Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam), but a company from a country not belonging to the ASEAN, will be disadvantaged (tariff and non-tariff barriers, rules of origin...) respect to a company of an ASEAN country. It will also be necessary to know the existence of the Free Trade Agreements (discussed in another module).

In the following example, you can see the information that the student has about ASEAN; in the right window; it is shown the study material developed by EENI in English about the ASEAN).

Associations ASEAN

The student can access the subjects (learning units) on these regional associations, where he can learn the implications for the process of market access. Furthermore, these organisations offer very useful information to the exporter (market studies, statistics of the international trade between countries, information about the economic situation.) The following example shows the foreign trade of the ASEAN with its largest trading partners:

Associations Foreign Trade

Singapore also belongs to other Asian institutions, such as the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and the Asian Development Bank. Students can also access these subjects. It is highly recommended for the exporter to know these institutions because they are a precious source of information.

Organisations Asia economy

An example of information about economic prospects for Singapore (Asian Development Bank).

Foreign Trade Singapore

Furthermore, Singapore belongs to other Asian institutions (Colombo Plan, the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, Boao Forum for Asia, Asia Cooperation Dialogue, the Asia-Europe Economic Meeting, the Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation, the Asia-Middle East Dialogue) that even though they do not have much impact on the practice of the foreign trade, may be useful for the exporter.

Learning materials - Country profile - Foreign Trade - Market Access - Investment - Complementary information - Regional Associations - Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

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