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This part provides information in real time of international trade of the analysed market: exports, imports, trade flows, or major trading partners. With this information, the student can make their guide of the foreign trade for this market according to their needs (country of origin, product, or service to be exported). Many of these reports can be exported to Word or XLS (worksheet). Below is a summary of the information that can be obtained:

International Market Access (Master)

For all countries.

  1. Foreign Trade. Detailed data on the country's export performance, key imports, and foreign investment, grouped by product and service categories (HS and BOP) (International Trade centre)
  2. International Trade. Detailed data on the country's export performance, key imports, and foreign investment, grouped by product and service categories (HS and BOP) (International Trade centre)
  3. Imports-Exports (COMTRADE). Imports and exports of this country from another country (United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database)
  4. Foreign Trade Map. Create online Import/Export map: country to top trade partners (World Bank)
  5. Commodities Agriculture, top ten commodities, import, and export partners, nutrition and food security, agricultural production, and trade (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) (En-Es-Fr)
  6. MACMAP. Search for the value of the foreign trade flows between a reporter market and the rest of the World or any pair of markets (International Trade Centre) (*)
  7. Foreign Trade (LeMoci). Economy. The main sectors of activity. International Trade (Fr)
  8. Foreign Trade: Country information, export, import, investment, sectoral studies, and news (ICEX) (Es)
  9. International Relations (Ministry): The economic situation, trade, social indicators, bilateral relations, and political situation (Es)

Some examples (only a summary as an example):

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The Asian Countries (En).

  1. Trade brief. Total trade in goods and services: exports, imports, and trade partners (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)
  2. Trade profile. Economy, news, publications, economic and financial indicators, Free Trade Agreements (FTA), initiatives, and institutions (Asian Development Bank)
  3. External sector. Economic and Financial Indicators. GDP, inflation, industrial production, and retail sales for the real sector; trade, exchange rates, and balance of payments for the external sector; money supply and stock prices
  4. Trade Indicators. Most commonly used indicators related to the real side of an economy's trade profile (Exports, Imports) (Economic and Social Commission for Asia)
  5. Integration Indicators. Set of indicators to monitor progress on regional cooperation and integration. Covering the forty-eight countries, the database has twelve trade indicators, eight foreign direct investment indicators, and seventeen money and finance indicators. Country's openness to the international trade, investment, and financial markets (Asian Development Bank)

The Arab Countries (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation).

  1. Foreign Trade: Intra-OIC Trade (imports-exports), Customers, and foreign direct investment (FDI)
  2. Trade Stats: Foreign Trade Statistics
  3. Applied tariff: product's codes description

The APEC Countries.

  1. APEC Trade. Economy, foreign trade, exports imports between the APEC's members, Trade barriers, foreign direct investment (FDI), GDP, education, and inflation

American Countries.

  1. Trade with. Bilateral trade flows in value and volume at the tariff-line level, for each country of the Americas; transport costs, insurance fees, and duties (Inter-American Development Bank). (En Es Pt)

The Central American Countries (Es).

  1. Foreign Trade. Analyses exports and imports from this country to any country or trading bloc in the World
  2. Trade Partners. Shows exports and imports of the country with its main trading partners. For each partner; we can analyse exports and imports
  3. Analysis of Products. Analyse the exported and imported goods in this country with any country or trading bloc in the World
  4. The main products. Analyses the main exported or imported products from this country to any country or trading bloc in the World
  5. Export database. Foreign trade (exports and imports), foreign direct investment (FDI), real sector, and fiscal. Central American Countries
  6. Central American Tariff: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Dominican Republic

(*) Only registered users (free for users from the developing countries).

Legend: En English, Es: Spanish, Fr: French, Pt: Portuguese.

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