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Market Access - This part provides information in real time about the analysed market.

Doing Business in - Market Access - Country profile. EENI Global Business School

With this information, the student makes his guide on this market according to their needs and the business type (product/service to export, country of origin, investment). Below is a brief summary of the information provided:

For all countries.

  1. Country Profile (World Trade Organisation): basic economic indicators, merchandise, and services trade. Trade Policy
  2. Country Profile: economic, social, and environmental indicators (United Nations)
  3. Statistics: Trade Profile. Economic, social, and environmental indicators (World Statistics Pocketbook - United Nations)
  4. Statistics: Foreign Trade, economy, foreign direct investment (FDI), finance, industry, services, and population (only for OCDE Member countries)
  5. Country and Commercial Guide (U.S. Export Gov). Country's Commercial Guide, Market Report, and Market Research. Information about Doing Business in this market provided by the Export Gov Portal from the U.S.. Market research, trade events, links
  6. Country information. News of the country (France World Express) (Fr)
  7. General data. The political environment, living conditions, or climate (Le MOCI) (Fr)
International Market Access (Master)

Asian Countries.

  1. Economic briefing. Last economic updates (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP))
  2. Economy Outlook. Economic trends and prospects, economic profiles, economic management issues, development policy concerns, and economic projections (Asian Development Bank)
  3. Key Indicators. Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific (Asian Development Bank): Foreign trade, balance of payments, population, national accounts, GDP, energy, prices, money, and banking
  4. Growth Indicators. Framework of Inclusive Growth Indicators: Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific (Asian Development Bank)
  5. Country Profile. Demographics trends, Health, Education, Connectivity, Water, Biodiversity, and Basic economic data. (Economic and Social Commission for Asia)
  6. ECO Countries. Country Report. Basic Facts, general information, or statistics (Economic Cooperation Organisation)

Some examples (only a brief summary as an example):

American Countries.

  1. Economic Profile. Economic Activity and Employment. Prices and wages. Fiscal Accounts and Public Debt. External Accounts. Money and Banking. Financial Markets. (Inter-American Development Bank)
  2. Economic Profile (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean). National accounts, external sector, foreign direct investment (FDI), and Public and Financial Sector
  3. Trade with the American Countries. Bilateral trade flows in value and volume at the tariff-line level, for each country of the Americas; transport costs, insurance fees, and duties are available for the selected countries (Inter-American Development Bank)

European Countries.

  1. Country profile (Economic Commission for Europe): Population, labour force, employment, GDP, transportation, and price index

African Countries.

  1. Economic Outlook. The recent Developments and Prospects, Macroeconomics Policy, Economic & Political Governance, Social Context, and Human Development (African Development Bank) (En Fr Pt)
  2. Data portal) Socio-economic indicators over a period, gain access to presentation-ready graphics and perform comprehensive analysis on a Country and Regional level (En Fr)
  3. Africa Open Data. Business, international trade, Economics, Financial, MDG, forestry, health, education, food security, gender equality, climate change, regions, and provinces
  4. Economic Commission for Africa Databank. Population, Education, Health, National Accounts, agriculture, mining, energy, environment, tourism, and trade (En Fr)
  5. Arab Maghreb Union countries. AMU indicators. Macroeconomics Socio-economic indicators, foreign direct investment (FDI), exports, imports, Business Climate, Competitiveness, and Population. Mauritania, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia
  6. Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) - COUNTRIES. Statistics Economic Community of West African States. The Real sector, fiscal, monetary, and external sectors. Macroeconomics Database & Monitoring. Economic Community of West African States. Macroeconomics indicators. West African Monetary Agency

The Arab Countries.

  1. Business Guide: Economic sectors, foreign trade, and foreign direct investment (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation)

The Middle East countries.

  1. Indicators. Economic and social indicators (GDP, exports) Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
  2. المؤشرات الاقتصادية. المؤشرات الاقتصادية والاجتماعية (الناتج المحلي الإجمالي، الصادرات...) لجنة الأمم المتحدة الاقتصادية والاجتماعية لغربي آسي

Legend: En English, Es: Spanish, Fr: French, Pt: Portuguese.

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