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The utility “Investments in the country” offers to the students a real-time information about the investments in this market: flows of the foreign direct investment (FDI), legislation, levels of corruption, ease of doing business, or mergers and acquisitions.

Market Access

With this information, the student can make their manual on Investment in this market according to their needs (country of origin and type of investment: production, commercial, off-shore).

Below is a summary of the information that can be obtained:

  1. Foreign direct investment (UNCTAD): Foreign direct investment overview, selected years, Cross-border merger and acquisition, and Greenfield investment (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development)
  2. Investment Map. Helps companies identify potential locations for investment abroad (*)
  3. Doing Business: business environment, Starting a business, Protecting investors, taxes, Trading aCross-borders, Enforcing contracts, Resolving insolvency, or Employing workers (World Bank)
  4. Economic Freedom. Property Rights, Business and trade freedom, and corruption (Heritage Foundation)
  5. Governance (En-Es). Democratic and market system, Public Management, Rule of Law, and Socio-economic indicators
  6. Labour. Total population and labour force, Employment, Unemployment, Youth, Working time, Earnings and employment-related income, Occupational injuries, trade unions and collective bargaining, and Strikes and lockouts (International Labour Organisation) (En-Es-Fr)
  7. Labour Legislation. Database of national labour, social security, and related human rights legislation International Labour Standards Department
  8. Asia - Tax Incentives. Compares tax guidelines and regulations about direct investment in South-east and South Asia

Some examples (only a summary as an example):

Legend: En English, Es: Spanish, Fr: French, Pt: Portuguese.

Many of these reports can be exported to Word or XLS (worksheet).

Learning materials - Country profile - Foreign Trade - Market Access - Investment - Complementary information - Regional Associations - Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

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