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India-Canada Economic Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject: India-Canada Exhaustive Economic Partnership Agreement.

  1. Introduction to the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between India and Canada;
  2. International Trade between India and Canada;
  3. Foreign Trade Liberalization in goods and services;
  4. Indian foreign direct investment (FDI) in Canada;
  5. Canadian investments in India.

India-Canada Exhaustive Economic Partnership Agreement (FTA)
India-Canada Free Trade Agreement

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India-Canada Exhaustive Economic Partnership Agreement.

In 2009, India and Canada announced the creation of a Joint Study Group that will research the chance of an Exhaustive Economic Partnership Agreement between India and Canada.

  1. The agreement is not in force;
  2. The Canadian Government estimates that the gross domestic product gains 0.4% for Canada and 0.5% for India, which amount to USD 6 billion at actual gross domestic product levels for India and Canada;
  3. The modelling exercise of India, produced larger gains (1% of the gross domestic product, or USD 12 billion for India and USD 15 billion for Canada).

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Foreign Trade Canada-India.

  1. Exported products  from Canada to India augmented at an compound annual rate of 24% over this period, while the imports from India grew by 13%. India was the 16th trading partner (products) of Canada;
  2. Canada was the 30th trading partner of India;
  3. The leading Indian export sectors to Canada are chemical products (25.2% of the total exports to Canada), textiles and wearing apparel (24.9%), other manufacturing products as well as machinery and equipment;
  4. Over the past nine years, the Foreign Trade in services between Canada and India tripled to reach USD 693 million;
  5. Top services of Canada from India are travel services.

Canada belongs to the North American Economic Area (Western Civilization) and India to the Hindu Economic Area.

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