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Business in Brazil, São Paulo, Rio Janeiro

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Foreign Trade and Business in Rio Janeiro, Parana, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Online Professional Certificate: Trade and Business in Brazil

Business in Brazil, São Paulo, Rio Janeiro, Parana, Minas Gerais (Course / Master / Doctorate)

The main objective is to provide a real and practical vision of the Brazilian Economy and the business opportunities in Brazil: Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Parana, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, and Bahia

  1. To learn to do business in Brazil
  2. To identify business opportunities in the different States of Brazil
  3. To analyze Foreign Trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) flows in Brazil
  4. To design a marketing strategy for the Brazilian Market
  5. To know the Brazilian Trade Agreements
  6. To understand the importance of the MERCOSUR
  7. To examine the profile of Brazilian businesspeople and enterprises
  8. To carry out an International Marketing Plan or a Project to Set Up a Company in Brazil

Continuing education (International Trade & Business)

Language: Masters, Doctorate, International Business, English

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Trade Facilitation Programs. TFA Agreement

American Trade and Economic Organizations:

  1. East Asia-Latin America Cooperation
  2. Summit Brazil Arab Countries (ASPA)
  3. South America-Africa Summit
  4. ASA: Africa-Brazil Summit
  5. Inter-American Development Bank
  6. ECLAC
  7. OAS
  8. CELAC

Globalization and International Organizations

  1. UN
    1. UNCTAD
    2. ITC
    4. WIPO
  2. WB
  3. WTO
  4. IMF
  5. African Development Bank
  6. CPLP
  7. Arab League - Observer State
  8. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (Key Partner)
    1. OECD anti-corruption measures

MERCOSUR (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay) Common External Tariff

  1. Brazil is the fifth-biggest nation in the World
  2. Brazil is the largest market in Hispanic America
  3. 65% of the Brazilian outputs are related to the services sector
  4. Brazil is the world's fifth-largest market for mobile phones and personal computers
  5. Brazil is one of the World's largest food producers
  6. Brazil is one of the World's largest biofuel producers
  7. Brazil is the world's third largest consumer market for cosmetic products
  8. Brazil is one of the World's biggest raw and processed minerals producer and exporter
  9. Brazil is an important consumer durables manufacturer (significant source of export earnings)
  10. The country has a modern and competitive textile industry

Antonio Emilio de Moraes, Brazilian Businessman, Brazil

Brazilian International Trade

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