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Pakistan-Mauritius Preferential Trade Area

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Sub-subject: Preferential Trade Area (PTA) between Mauritius and Pakistan. Syllabus

  1. Introduction to the Pakistan-Mauritius Preferential Trade Area
  2. Rules of Origin of the agreement
Sub-subject “Pakistan-Mauritius Preferential Trade Area” is studied...
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  2. Doctorates: Islamic Countries, Asia, Africa
  3. Diploma: Central Eurasia
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Sample of the sub-subject: Preferential Trade Area (PTA) between Mauritius and Pakistan
Mauritius-Pakistan Preferential Trade Area

Description of the Sub-Subject (Pakistan-Mauritius Preferential Trade Area).

  1. The main objective of the Pakistan-Mauritius Preferential Trade Area is to encourage the foreign trade (products and services) between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Mauritius
  2. Entry into force: 30 July 2007.
  3. Tariff reduction for a list of products, accorded by Pakistan and Mauritius, has been granted
  4. Rules of origin. The product must be wholly produced in Mauritius or Pakistan. If the total value of the materials is from another country, exceed 65% of the FOB value, the rules of origin cannot apply
  5. The Preferential Trade Area (PTA) between Mauritius and Pakistan seeks to eliminate the nontariff barriers

The Pakistan-Mauritius Preferential Trade Area also includes:

  1. National Treatment Chapter
  2. Safeguard measures
  3. Anti-dumping and countervailing measures
  4. Shortage clause
  5. Technical regulations
  6. Dispute settlement

The Agreement is not notified to the World Trade Organisation

This Preferential Trade Area consists of a Muslim country (Pakistan) and a Hindu country (Mauritius)

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