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Sub-subject: Mano River Union (MRU): Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Ivory Coast (West Africa). Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to the Mano River Union (MRU)
  2. Institutions of the Mano River Union
  3. Programs of the Mano River Union
  4. Economic development and regional integration in the region of the Mano River: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Ivory Coast
  5. History of the Mano River Union
Sub-subject “Mano River Union (MRU)” is studied...
  1. Professional Master's Programs: Africa, International Business
  2. Doctorates (e-learning): Africa, Muslim Countries
  3. Course: West Africa
  4. Degree in Inter-African Business

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Area of Knowledge: Africa

Sample of the Sub-subject: Mano River Union
Mano River Union

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Description of the Sub-Subject: Mano River Union.

In 1973 was created the Mano River Union (MRU), an African regional integration institution, with three objectives:

  1. Foster the international trade between the members
  2. Development of common projects (industry, transport, financial, energy, resources, and food security)
  3. Promote the peace and security in the Mano River Union region

The member countries of the Mano River Union are Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Ivory Coast.

After some years of inactivity, the Head of States of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Ivory Coast agree to re-launch the Mano River Union in 2008.

Dr Saran Daraba Kaba is the current Secretary-General of the Mano River Union

The Mano River Union works actively in four areas:

  1. Organisational renewal
  2. Security and peace
  3. Regional Integration and economic and development
  4. Social development

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Mano River Union has signed a protocol on free movement and trade.


  1. Trans-African Highway: Dakar-Lagos Corridor
  2. Port of Abidjan

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Liberia) is the Chairperson of the Mano River Union
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Liberia

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