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Syllabus of the Online Course / Subject - Port of Abidjan (Ivory Coast). Access to Mali, Burkina, and Niger.

  1. The Port of Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
  2. Main features of the Port of Abidjan
  3. Access to Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger
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Pascal Nguessan Africa EENI Business School & HA University, academic advisor and recruiter of the HA University in Ivory Coast

Pascal Nguessan, Ivory Coast (Academic advisor, HA University)

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Sample of the e-learning Course / Subject: Port of Abidjan
Online Course: Port of Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

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Description of the Course / Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Port of Abidjan

  1. Region: West Africa
  2. Access to the landlocked countries: Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso
  3. Port of Abidjan is equidistant between the Port of Douala (Cameroon - Central Africa) and Port of Dakar (Senegal)
  4. Port of Abidjan is the largest port in West Africa
  5. Port of Abidjan is the second-largest African Port
  6. Container Transhipment
  7. Deep-water port
  8. Petroleum production activities
  9. Top exports: manganese, timber, and agri-products (pineapple, cocoa, coffee, and banana)
  10. Free trade zone for information technology and biotechnology in Grand Bassam. Mahatma Gandhi technology park
  11. Presence of Bolloré Africa Logistics
  12. Main terminals in the Port of Abidjan
    1. Vridi Container Terminal
    2. Abidjan Terminal
  13. Recent investments from the Omani company (Hasan Juma Backer Trading & Contracting) of 700 million dollars in the dry port project of the Port of Abidjan
  14. Trans-African corridor: Dakar-Lagos Corridor
  15. Regional Economic Communities: The Economic Community of West African States and the West African Economic and Monetary Union
  16. Main language in the region is French
  17. Main cities near the Port of Abidjan: Abidjan, Grand-Bassam, Alépé, Abengorou, Bondoukou, Sassandra, San Pedro, Divo, Soubré, Gagnoa, Yamassoukro, Daloa, Danane, Man, Massala, Katiola, and Korhogo

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  1. Abidjan
  2. Bouaké, Daloa, Korhogo
  3. Man, San-Pédro, Yamoussoukro

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