Leopold Sédar Senghor (Senegalese Poet)

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Sub-subject: Leopold Sédar Senghor (Poet, Senegal). Syllabus:

  1. The Senegalese Politician, Intellectual, and Poet and Leopold Sedar Senghor (Catholic)
  2. The Concept of Negritude developed by Leopold Sedar Senghor
The sub-subject “Leopold Sédar Senghor (Poet, Senegal)” is studied...
  1. Doctorate in Business in Africa
  2. Masters (e-learning): International Business, Sub-Saharan Africa
  3. Course: West Africa

Languages of study English or French Leopold Sédar Senghor Portuguese Leopold Sédar Senghor Spanish Leopold Sédar Senghor

“In Africa, there are no borders, not even between life and death” Leopold Sédar Senghor

Sample of the sub-subject: Leopold Sédar Senghor
Leopold Sédar Senghor Senegal

Description of the Sub-Subject: Leopold Sédar Senghor

The Senegalese Africanist, Poet, and Politician Leopold Sédar Senghor (1906 -2001) is one the most influential intellectual of the African Civilisation. He was the President of the Republic of Senegal for twenty years (1960 - 1980). He conceived the term “négritude” with Léon Damas and Aimé Césaire.

  1. Place of birth of Leopold Sédar Senghor: Joal - Dakar- (Senegal)
  2. Leopold Sédar Senghor's religion was Roman Catholicism (Christianity)
  3. Ethnic group: Serer. His mother was Muslim (Fula)
  4. Languages: French, Latin, Greek
  5. Founder of the Senegalese Democratic Bloc
  6. Member of the French Academy
  7. Bachelor in French Grammar at the University of Paris
  8. Professor at the University of Tours and Paris
  9. For Leopold Sédar Senghor ancient Egypt has close relations with black Africa (Cheikh Anta Diop)
  10. Prisoner by the Germans (2 years)
  11. Member of the French National Assembly
  12. Leopold Sédar Senghor is the author of the Senegalese national anthem
  13. Vice-President of the High Council of the Francophonie

Leopold Sédar Senghor was an African poet and politician of the West African Economic Area of the African Civilisation.

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