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Pathé Diagne (Senegalese Linguist)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Pathé Diagne (Political scientist and linguist of Senegal).

  1. Pathé Diagne (Senegalese Muslim Linguist);
  2. His works on Wolof and African politics.

Pathé Diagne (African Historian)
Pathé Diagne Senegalese Linguist

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Pathé Diagne.

Pathé Diagne is the author of the Volume V (Africa from 16th to 18th Century) of the UNESCO General History of Africa.

  1. Place of birth of Pathé Diagne: Senegal (West Africa);
  2. Religion: Pathé Diagne was Muslim;
  3. Specializations: Wolof grammar and African political power;
  4. Pathé Diagne translated the Quran into Wolof (ALXURAAN CI WOLOF);
  5. One of his goals is to show that navigation of the Transatlantic Ocean it is older than the discovery of America by the Spaniards;
  6. Education: Doctor in Economics and Political Science;
  7. Pathé Diagne is a Professor at the University of Dakar;
  8. Languages: Arabic and other African languages.

Author of the books:

  1. Africa, an historical question;
  2. Genetic paleontology and linguistics archaeology;
  3. Tarana or the America pre-Columbine;
  4. The African challenge in the history (Afrocentrism, Eurocentrism, Semitecentrisme).

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  1. Dakar, Guédiawaye, Kaolak;
  2. M'bour, Pikine, Rufisque, Saint-Louis;
  3. Thiès, Touba, Ziguinchor.
Senegalese personalities
  1. Leopold Sédar Senghor;
  2. Sheikh Anta Diop.

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