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Syllabus of the eLearning Course (Subject): Dr Joseph Ki-Zerbo (Burkina Faso).

  1. The Burkinabe Historian Dr Joseph Ki-Zerbo (Catholic)
  2. Works of Joseph Ki-Zerbo on the History of Africa
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Sample of the e-learning Course / Subject: Dr Joseph Ki-Zerbo (African Historian)
Joseph Ki-Zerbo (Burkinabe Historian, e-Doctorate)

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Description of the Course / Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Dr Joseph Ki-Zerbo (Burkinabe Historian).

Dr Joseph Ki-Zerbo is one of the most renowned Africans thinkers.

The great Burkinabe Africanist and Historian Joseph Ki-Zerbo (1922-2006) was born in Toma, in the province of Nayala (Burkina Faso, ex Alto-Volta) at the time of the French Colonisation. His father Alfred Simon Diban Ki-Zerbo (1875? -1980) is considered as the first Christian of Burkina Faso.

“The History of Sub-Saharan Africa is the oldest and longest in the World

Africa, the cradle of humanity has a history and gave birth to History
Dr Joseph Ki-Zerbo.

  1. Place of birth of Dr Joseph Ki-Zerbo: Toma (Burkina Faso, West Africa) in 1922
  2. Religion: Dr Joseph Ki-Zerbo was Christian (Catholic)
  3. Studies of History and Doctorate (University of Paris)
  4. Professor in Dakar, Paris
  5. Contacts with Sheikh Anta Diop
  6. General Secretary of the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES)

Specialisation of the Dr Joseph Ki-Zerbo: Studies about the History of Africa:

Main books of the Dr Joseph Ki-Zerbo:

  1. General History of Africa
  2. Critical History of Africa
  3. History and civilisations
  4. Director of Volume I of the General History of Africa of the UNESCO: “Methodology and African Prehistory” and co-Author of Volume V (Africa from the 16th to the 18th Century), of Volume VI (Africa in the 19th century until 1880) and Volume VII - Africa since 1935
  5. History and black consciousness
  6. Barriers to the integration
  7. DVD “Joseph KI-ZERBO, Identities, Identity for Africa.”

Methodology and the African Prehistory

Joseph Ki-Zerbo was an African Historian of the West African Economic Area (African Civilisation).

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