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Syllabus of the Online Course (Subject): Methodology and African Prehistory (Volume I of the UNESCO General History of Africa).

  1. Professor Joseph Ki-Zerbo (Burkina Faso): Director of Volume I (Methodology and African Prehistory)
  2. African History sources
  3. Research methods used writing the General History of Africa
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  2. Doctorates: Africa, Muslim Markets
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African Civilisation.

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Example of the Online Course: Methodology and African Prehistory (UNESCO General History of Africa)
Methodology and African Prehistory
Source: UNESCO General History of Africa.

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Description of the Online Course: African Prehistory

Topics discussed (Methodology and African Prehistory).

  1. African Historiography
  2. Living oral tradition
  3. African historical research
  4. Interdisciplinary methods
  5. Historical sources
  6. Humanisation and African fossil man
  7. Prehistory of Africa
  8. Prehistoric Farming Techniques
  9. African prehistoric art
  10. History of African Society
  11. Invention and diffusion of metals
  12. African archaeology
  13. Historical Geography
  14. African linguistics
  15. Races and the History of Africa
  16. Migration and differentiation (linguistic/ethnic)
  17. African languages
  18. Storm stages and glaciers Africa
  19. Development of social systems

Authors of Volume I of the UNESCO General History of Africa (Methodology and African Prehistory): J.D. FAGE, Boubou Hama, J. KI-ZERBO, P.D. CURTIN, Théophile Obenga, Hichem Djaït, I. HRBEK, J. VANSINA, Ahmadou Hampaté Bá, Z. ISKANDER, Pathé Diagne, R. LEAKEY, D. OLDEROGGE, J.H. GREENBERG, D. DALBY, S. DIARRA, R. PORTERES, F. DEBONO, Akin Mabogunje, or. SAIDI, H. FAURE, and. COPPENS, L. BALOUT, J.E.G. SUTTON, J. D. CLARK, H. J. HUGOT, T. SHAW, J. BARREAU, J. VERCOUTTER, R. Of BAYLE, F. VAN NOTEN...

  1. Africa: The Cradle of humanity
  2. History of the World Economy

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