Course Internationalisation and FDI

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Course (e-learning) “Internationalisation and foreign direct investment” - Syllabus:

Subjects of the course:

  1. Internationalisation (3 ECTS)
  2. International Contracts (3 ECTS)
    1. Anti-corruption Clause of the International Chamber of Commerce
  3. Export Department (1 ECTS)
  4. Foreign direct investment (FDI) (3 ECTS)
    1. UNCTAD and foreign direct investment
    2. Investments abroad

Objectives of the course “Internationalisation and foreign direct investment (FDI)”:

  1. Familiarising the student with international contracts as they are used in international trade transactions.
  2. To learn how to set up and run an export department, and the functions and goals of the export department.
  3. To offer a global vision of the foreign direct investment and to understand the role of the Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
  4. To learn the different strategies to follow to establish a company abroad.
  5. To find out how to design and implement a strategy of business internationalisation.

Course intended for all those involved in the internationalisation of enterprises.

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Course learning materials in En (or Es Internacionalizacion Fr Internationalisation). The student has free access to the materials in these languages.

  1. Credits of the course “Internationalisation and foreign direct investment”: 10 ECTS/8 AC Credits
  2. Total Tuition Fees: 390 Euros.
  3. 20% discount for African students and 10% for students from the African Diaspora.
  4. Duration: 8 weeks
This course is part of the:
  1. Postgraduate Diploma in International Marketing
  2. Master in Foreign Trade and International Marketing
  3. Professional Master's Program in International Business (MIB)

Students who have taken this course can validate and register for this Master/Doctorate at EENI.

The course contains exercises that are evaluated, which the student must work out and pass to obtain their respective diploma “Internationalisation and foreign direct investment” issued by EENI (School of International Business).

Methodology: e-learning/Distance Learning.

Area of Knowledge: International Marketing - Internationalisation.

Course “Internationalisation and foreign direct investment” - Professors and Coach:
M Turk Professor Brazil Professor France

Samples of the Course - Internationalisation
Investing abroad

Brazil Trade FDI

International Contracts

Area: Foreign trade Courses

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