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Buddhism in the West (Doctorate)

Syllabus of the Subject: Influence of Buddhism on the Western Civilisation (Steve Jobs, William Ford...)

  1. Influence of the Buddhist Civilisation on the Christian Western Civilisation
  2. Case studies:
    1. Steve Jobs (Apple)
    2. William Clay “Bill” Ford, Jr. (Ford Motor Company)

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Example of the Subject: Influence of Buddhism on the West
Buddhism in the West

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Description of the Subject: Influence of Buddhism on the West.

In the West, there are many world-famous Buddhist, many of them related to the culture.

  1. Conductors: Herbert von Karajan and Sergiu Celibidache
  2. Musicians: Tina Turner, Courtney Love, Steven Seagal, Leonard Cohen, Philip Glass, Herbie Hancock, and John Cage
  3. Actors: Sharon Stone, Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth, and Goldie Hawn
  4. Film Directors: Oliver Stone
  5. Athletes: Tiger Woods, Roberto Baggio
  6. Writers: Jack Kerouac
  7. ... And even Lisa Simpson

Steve Jobs.

Many people know the co-founder of Apple, but perhaps not many know that Steve Jobs was a Zen Buddhist. Jobs was born in California on February 1955. His father was a Muslim of Syrian origin and his mother of German descent.

In 1976, along with his friend Steve Wozniak created Apple in his garage. In 1981, he became a multi-millionaire. In 1985, Apple's Board of Directors dismissed him; Jobs sold all its shares except one. It is interesting to note, that Jobs did not invent anything new, but he knew how to re-invent many businesses.

In 1973, he lived for seven months in India. When he returned to the United States; he had his head shaved. Jobs studied Zen at the Zen centre of Los Altos, and there arise a deep friendship with his spiritual Zen master, Kobun Chino Otogawa (d. 2002). He began the Zen meditation.

The influence of the sobriety on the Zen Buddhism is notorious on the designs of Apple or NeXT, and perhaps ease of use of its operating systems are also related to the Zen influence.

William Clay “Bill” Ford, Jr.

William Clay “Bill” Ford, Jr. Is the great-grandson of Henry Ford and Henry Firestone (tires) and currently, is the Executive President of Ford Motor Company (United States). Previously; he was a senior Executive at other large companies such as Boeing. He is also the Vice President of the Detroit Lions NFL.

“We want to be green, global, and high-tech” William Clay Ford, Jr

Besides martial arts, acupuncture and homeopathy he studied yoga, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Vipassana. He has been vegetarian for a decade. Although never positioned itself as Buddhist, the influence of Buddhism seems to be vital on his life.

“In nature is where my heart is” William Clay Ford, Jr

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