African Diaspora

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Sub-subject SubjectDescription: African Diaspora in the Americas

  1. Afro-Americans: Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Du Bois, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ángela Davis, Stokley Carmichael, León Damas, Toni Morrison (Prize Nobel), Garrett A. Morgan (street lighting), Patricia Bath (eye surgery), Charles Drew, Toussaint Louverture
  2. The black pride. Marcus Garvey, Aimé Césaire
  3. Contributions to the society of the African Diaspora: music (jazz, blues), language, sciences, religion


Subject “African Diaspora in the Americas” is studied...
  1. Doctorates (Distance learning): Africa, America

Languages of study: English or French Diaspora Africaine Portuguese Diaspora Africana Spanish Diaspora Africana

Sample of the subject: African Diaspora in the Americas (Slave Trade)
African Diaspora

We Trust in Africa

Barack Obama, the first African-American President of the United States.

Estimation of the African Diaspora in the Americas in millions of people/% of the population (Blacks and mulattos).

  1. The United States (42/13.6%), Canada (0.8/2.7%), and Mexico (0.1/0.1%)
  2. Central America: Costa Rica (0.1/3%), El Salvador, Guatemala (0.01/0.1%), Honduras (0.1/2%), Nicaragua (0.5/9%), Belize (0.09/31%), and Panama (0.4/14%)
  3. Andean region: Bolivia (0.05/ 0.5%), Colombia (9/21%), Ecuador (1.1/7.2%), Peru (0.5/2%), Venezuela (0.8/2,8%), Suriname (0.4/37%), and French Guyana (0.1/66%)
  4. South America: Argentina (0.05/ 0,1%), Brazil (15,5/28%), Paraguay (0.2/3.5%), and Uruguay (0.1/4%)
  5. The Caribbean: Antigua and Barbuda (0.07/95%), the Bahamas (0.3/85%), Bermuda (0.06/61%), the Barbados (0.2/90%), Dominica (0.07/95%), Granada (0.1/91%), Guiana (0.3/36%), Jamaica (2,6/97%), Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis (0.03 /98 %), Saint Lucia (0.2/82%), San Vicente and the Grenadines (0.1%/85%), Trinidad and Tobago (0.4/36 %), Haiti (10,2/95%), Anguilla, the Turks and Caicos Islands (0.2/90%), the British Virgin Islands (0.02/83%), the Dominican Republic (8,7/84%), Cuba (1/9%), and the Cayman Islands (0.04 /60%)

Frederick Douglass Diaspora

Toussaint Louverture Diaspora

Marcus Garvey Pan-Africanism

Harriet Tubman Abolitionist

African Civilisation.

More information: Africa under colonial domination, 1880-1935 of the General History of Africa of the UNESCO

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