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Marcus Garvey (Jamaica, Pan-Africanism)

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Syllabus of the Subject: The Jamaican Black Leader Marcus Garvey (Pan-Africanism).

  1. Marcus Garvey (Jamaican Black Leader, Catholic);
  2. The Pan-Africanist vision of Marcus Garvey.

Marcus Garvey - Pan-Africanism (slave trade)
Marcus Garvey, Jamaican Black Leader, Pan-Africanist vision

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“People without comprehension of their history, origin, and culture are like a tree without roots.” Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey (Jamaican Black Leader).

Marcus Garvey (Black Leader, musician, and pan-Africanist) was born in 1887 in Jamaica; he died in 1949 (England).

  1. Racial segregation in Jamaica;
  2. Colonization in Africa;
  3. Foundation of Liberia;
  4. For Rastafarian people, Marcus Garvey is a prophet (The Black Moses);
  5. Editor of the newspaper “The Negro world” (Black World);
  6. 1914: Travel to Europe and Latin America to meet “my black friends”;
  7. 1916: Marcus Garvey travels to the United States; contacts with the movements of emancipation of the Afro-Americans;
  8. 1917: Marcus Garvey founded the “Partnership for Enhancing Universal Negro Condition”;
  9. Marcus Garvey is the author of the concept “Back to Africa”: the Afro-American sons of slaves will return to Africa.

Religion: Marcus Garvey was Catholic (Christian)/African Orthodox Church

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