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EENI Scholarships, students with low purchasing power from Africa, Asia, Middle East

EENI Commitment to society.

Since 2018, the scholarship policy has been replaced by the vision “higher education for all at affordable prices”.

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Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB)

Doctorate in International Business (DIB) Online

One of the main values of EENI Global Business School   is solidarity; it is necessary that people from the developing countries can have access to a quality education and are also able to establish contacts and do business with people from other nations. That is the reason why we set aside part of our resources for Scholarships for the students from the less developing countries.

Since 2001, we have offered several EENI scholarships for the students from around the world with a low purchasing power in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

The region where more scholarships have been granted is Africa.

We Trust in Africa (Affordable Higher Education for Africans)

African Student, Doctorate, Master International Business, ForeignTrade

Today, in almost all the African Countries we have a student with an EENI scholarship, no matter their race, sex, religion or political beliefs. We give a scholarship to Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Hinduism, or Confucians students.

In the war or conflict zones like Iraq or Palestine; we also have given scholarships. Provide scholarships to women, especially in Africa and the Middle East is a priority for us.

EENI Principles:

Ahimsa (Non-Violence) and International Business. Jainism Harmony of Religions. Sri Ramakrishna Principle and Global Business

Bhagavad Gita, Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. Nonell
Bhagavad Gita.

In the recent years we have seen how people who were almost marginalized in society, thanks to our scholarship are today working in relevant positions worldwide. Many of them, in important multinationals or multilateral institutions on issues related to the International Business.

It is crucial to point out that all these scholarships have been delivered with EENI resources; we have never received any Government subsidy or public aid nor any donation of a company or private organization.

We encourage to all the students who opt for an EENI scholarship to know the principles of the Global Compact (United Nations).

Paterson Ngatchou - EENI Strategic Alliances with educational institutions
EENI Partnerships with Educational Institutions

We would like to share some of the students who have received an EENI scholarships:

Some examples of scholarships for the Master in International Business in Africa.

African Students.

Africa is increasingly being put aside from the international circuits. As a result; it is necessary to create initiatives and dialogues so that the African Countries can have access to the few advantages that globalization brings them. It is essential to train African scholars who know the Western management patterns as well as the business know-how, getting them to know how to adapt these patterns to their culture.

At EENI we fully believe in Africa, and we think it is necessary that they find their place in the globalized business. As far as we can; we will keep on making our small contribution.

Online Students Africa

EENI Scholarships Africa (En).

Paterson Ngatchou: EENI Global Business School Professor

Paterson Ngatchou.

He arrived to Spain from Cameroon with a career in Business Administration. We give a scholarship for the Master of Science in International Business; Paterson has been one of our best students. Today, he is a Professor of foreign trade . Furthermore, he works as Export Director in a major Spanish company travelling all over the world.

“We have worked with Paterson for many years, if I had to highlight something is his righteousness; he has worked at several companies as Director of foreign trade, and all of them has ended up being friends with their Directors. Few people have travelled so many countries like him. Pat always reminds me of the importance of the African values, the African humanity always latent in African people, that sometimes in Europe we have lost. Pat is also a great friend.” Pedro Nonell - EENI Global Business School Director

Maresha Yimer Ethiopia Maresha Yimer (Ethiopia). He was an excellent student. We give a scholarship for the Master of Science in International Business; the rest of the tuition fees got it through a family financing system that works in Africa: The “Tontine.” When he finished the Master; he did a party with more than 100 members of his family. Today; he has an outstanding job in an Ethiopian Ministry.

Thierry ZAFIMAHITA Madagascar Thierry Noël ZAFIMAHITA (Madagascar). He was certainly one of our best students. After studying our Master of Science in International Business; he specialized in mediation, conflict prevention, human rights, and peace. Currently; he works as an Advisor at the Office of the Prime Minister of Madagascar.

“The Austrian musician Arnold Schoenberg said that a teacher must always learn something from their students. It is the case of Thierry, all those who were his professors learned, not only of trade but their humanity” Pedro Nonell - Director of EENI

Project with the University of Ouagadougou II (Burkina Faso)
Five years offering a Master of Science in international trade with the University of Ouagadougou in one of the countries poorest in Africa: Burkina Faso.

Master of Science in International Business (Burkina Faso)

The ceremony was presided by His Excellency the President of the Economic Council and Social of Burkina Faso, Mr Paramanga Ernest Yonli, the Minister of the Public Service, Labour, and Social Security, Mr Soungalo. A. Ouattara, the Minister of Secondary and Higher Education, Mr Moussa Ouattara and the Director of Ouaga II University, and Pedro Nonell (Director of EENI).

“I recently had the chance to deliver the diplomas personally to several students of the Master of Science in Burkina and thrilled me to see how grateful they were, above all because all of them had got a job with very decent salaries. Events like this are giving real sense to EENI.” Pedro Nonell, founder of EENI

Scholarships for the Middle East and the Maghreb (Master in International Business).

Scholarships Middle East

We have devoted special efforts to provide scholarships to the Muslim women.

“We are convinced that both in Africa and the Middle East, the Muslim women have a fundamental role to play. The words of the Nobel Prize Muhammad Yunus are inspiring for us: “The Economic growth and the political democracy cannot achieve their full potential unless the female half of humanity participates in equality with men” Pedro Nonell - Director of EENI

Hanan Abubaker Jordan Hanan Abubaker (Jordan)
This Jordanian student demonstrated a high responsibility and took maximum advantage of the scholarship. Currently, she works at the UN Procurement Division.

Hiba is Palestinian and resident in Saudi Arabia. She has a Bachelor's Degree in English; we gave her the opportunity to specialize in international business. She was a brilliant student.

Noura OUSSAIFI Tunisia Noura OUSSAIFI (Tunisia). Noura studied the Master of Science in International Business with us, and she writes an excellent Master thesis. We had the chance personally to deliver the diploma in Tunisia.

Ismahan Mohamed Istiklal (Djibouti). She was also an excellent student of Djibouti with a scholarship for the Master of Science in International Business. For several years she was also a EENI Professor and we hope that one day when their business permits; she can collaborate again with us. She is an important directive in a logistics company in the Port of Djibouti.

Hazem El Sheik Palestine Hazem El Sheikh (Palestine). Hazem received an EENI scholarship for the Muslim students ten years ago. When he finished the Master began a fruitful collaboration with EENI. Hazem El Sheik has helped us enormously with the translation into Arabic of the Professional Courses and the Arabic site.

“Hazem has helped me to understand Muslims better, to know and respect Islam. Personally, I collaborated with him in the creation of the Institute Ibn Kaldhoun of Palestine. Usually; we see each other once a year. During these years; he has explained to us the harshness of life in the Gaza Strip, as his friends died, as antibiotics do not arrive to the Palestinian hospitals, as his father could not get a Container of tiles in an Israeli port for several years.” Pedro Nonell.

Nageeb Yahia (Yemen) Nageeb Yahia (Yemen)
Nageeb had a dream: to become a Businessman. Given that he had no training on business; he requested a partial scholarship and showed that he deserved it. His final thesis, based on HRH Prince Al Waled Bin Talal was Cum Laude and allowed us to discover the philanthropic activity of the Prince, who used part of his wealth to the charity. EENI awarded the title of Master Honoris Causa to HRH Prince Al Walrd Bin Talal. Nageeb today is a “businessperson” as he dreamed and had become an example to be followed by our students.

HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (Arabia) EENI Master Honoris Causa
EENI delivers to HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal a Master Honoris Causa.

Annie Asadoor (Iraq) Annie Asadoor (Iraq)
Annie is a Christian student from Iraq residing in Jordan; she was awarded a grant to the master. Currently; she works for the UNICEF.

Latin America: some students awarded with EENI scholarships.

Online Students America

Ricardo Rojas Colombia Ricardo Rojas Hernández (Colombia). Ricardo enrolled at the Master of Science in international business with the aim of “developing solid theoretical and practical skills that allow me to lead processes within a specific social, political, and economic context to be able to serve as a comprehensive professional.” Today; he works as the financial director of a major Colombian company.

Mabel Turk (Argentina) Mabel Turk (Argentina). Mabel took the scholarship to study the master to the maximum. Currently; she is a Professor of international marketing at EENI. She is Secretary of the Chamber of Foreign Trade of Jujuy, Secretary of the Camera Argentina- India in Buenos Aires and she is a partner at a consulting company of foreign trade.

“With Mabel; we have spent many years working together; I believe that she is our oldest professor. Furthermore, to being one the best scholars of foreign trade; she can communicate with the students in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese, and even something in Arabic. Usually; she is one of the most valued professors by EENI students” Pedro Nonell - Director of EENI

Noemí Soto Ecuador Noemí Elizabeth Soto (Ecuador). Thanks to his brilliant thesis helped to create a profitable business of handicraft products and encouraged the development of a depressed community of Ecuador. Naomi is today, as well as manager on Social Front of Women, Educational Researcher at the University of Loja.

Mónica Molina Ecuador Mónica Molina Barzola (Ecuador). Monica was awarded a grant to the master, and his advance was very satisfactory. She is now a technical specialist in an export consortia in the Ministry of Industries and Productivity of Ecuador.

Henry Acuña Colombia Henry Acuña Barrantes (Colombia). Henry has been among the best EENI students. He has studied two masters thanks to the scholarship. He is a EENI professor. He has taught at the University of the Andes and the Universidad Militar de Nueva Granada (Project Coordinator, Chief of the Research Division, Vice Rector of Research), Director of the Master of Management and currently Editor of the Journal of Academy Research of the UMNG.

“With Henry; we have the chance to meet every two years; we talk about Colombia, Latin America, business, and ethics. A great person and friend” Pedro Nonell - Director of EENI

Some students who were awarded EENI Asia scholarships.

Online Students Asia (Online Courses)

Xiaojiao Sun China Xiaojiao Sun 孙晓娇 (China). Xiaojiao is finishing his thesis to complete his Master; she is enjoying the fellowship that we have managed to find work at the Import/Export Department of a Spanish company. She also has collaborated with EENI in the Chinese translation of part of the Professional Courses and the Chinese Website.

Tiao MAILLARD Thailand Tiao Darany MAILLARD (Thailand). She was one of the best EENI students with an average score of excellent. Currently; she is the Director of Export Department of a Thai company.

Kairat Gataulin Kazakhstan Kairat Gataulin (Kazakhstan). A scholarship for Master of Science in International Business today is fully integrated into the world of international business working in a private enterprise with strong interests in Central Asia.

EUROPEAN Scholarships: Some students who were awarded.

Online Students Europe

Ioana Olaru Romania Ioana Maria Olaru (Romania). Ioana was an excellent student. She took his scholarship to get his Master of Science; she is working in a private enterprise.

EENI, not only offers scholarships to the students from the developing countries, but we also have offered scholarships for the students from developed countries with limited financial resources, especially in the recent years in Spain, because of a terrible wing crisis that our country currently is experiencing and the lack of job opportunities.

Michael Jouin France Michael Jouin (France). Michael is an example of perseverance and has managed to reinvent itself in a period of crisis. Thanks to the scholarship of the master have gone from running a bar in a tourist area to have its foreign trade services company.

Jose Vallejo Spain José Ángel Vallejo Mena (Spain). It is another case of entrepreneurship since after finishing the master, he founded his company.

Miren Larreategui Spain Miren Larreategui (Spain). Furthermore, to being an excellent student, and participate in our scholarship programme; she had a period of practices in Italy with excellent results.

Portal: EENI Scholarships.

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