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EENI was created in 1995 (Barcelona, Spain) International Commission on Distance Learning

EENI Global Business School was created in 1995 in Barcelona (Spain). Since the beginning, the school has been dedicated to the online education of international business and foreign trade.

EENI was the first school to create a digital learning system on International Business in Spanish language. Before it was called CBT (Computer Based Training).

Foreign Trade (Importing, Exporting)

By that time, its strategy was focused on two main concepts:

  1. Globalization, nearly since the first day, EENI has put its faith in its internationalization activities by designing localization strategies for the different markets
  2. New technologies, to get students and customers closer as well as be able to add digital value through the Internet. EENI was one of the first Spanish Business Schools to have its own website. Since the beginning, the “Free online International Business Guide” has been a reference for international business

When EENI was created, the school was located in Esplugues (close to Barcelona), and the courses were distributed on diskettes. By that time, the Internet started to be considered as an essential tool and, as a result, EENI started contacting the students from other countries (Argentina, Brazil, the UK, France).

Brazil EENI

The first relevant project carried out by EENI was the “Professional Diploma in international trade” with the University of Barcelona, which was studied in Spain, Brazil, Colombia, and Santo Domingo.

Diploma in International Trade

Programa Superior Comercio Exterior

EENI also developed an “International Business Course” for CEAC Group, which was later translated into Chinese.

Curso Comercio Exterior Chino

Due to technological changes, all courses were adapted to the CD-ROM.

CD Comercio Internacional

The following year, EENI, together with a Swedish and Italian companies, took part in a project financed by the EU, whose target was to elaborate an International Business Distance Learning course in Swedish, Catalan, and Italian.

Italiano Exportar

EENI also cooperated with Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations in distance education projects.

In 1998, the school was moved to Corbera de Llobregat (Barcelona). By that time, the old Internet course changed into “e-Commerce course”; the e-business phenomenon started up.

The internationalization process was strengthened by focusing it on two complementary strategies:

  1. Strategic alliances with education institutions in several countries
  2. Distribution network in several countries (Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia)

Uruguay Comercio Internacional Peru Curso

EENI established a good relationship with the Electronic Business School of Ireland, and both schools initiated the first activities in the European and East Asian countries.

The projects in cooperation with educational institutions were strengthened in Latin America. EENI started translating its courses into English, French, Portuguese, and Italian. The first version of its e-campus was also created.

During this time, several projects were developed with Universities, such as Pompeu Fabra IDEC University (Spain), Pontifical Catholic University (Peru), Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (Colombia), Missions University (Argentina), Royal University (Bolivia), and with Business Associations (Chambers of Commerce, Employers' Organizations).


The beginning of 2001 set a new stage for EENI since it changed its courses and the strategies of Internationalization. These new strategies were focused on getting students and customers increasingly closer by including a group of scholars who added value to the courses in its distribution network.

The first online versions of the whole education system were set up, as well as a new version of the e-Campus was released.

Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB)

In the beginning of 2002, EENI introduced the “Master in International Business,” which has been a real success.

At the end of 2002, EENI presented its online education offer, an e-learning system, which was self-developed and focused on the idea that the students could download the contents from the Internet and study off-line. EENI also started working on developing a new learning area on international business: Intercultural Management.

The case method was included in the field of international marketing and the strategies of internationalization, and several group works were designed for the students from different countries. Moreover, this year a cooperation agreement was signed with the ALADI (Latin American Integration Association).

In the beginning of 2003, EENI presented its complete online education offer, as well as the second edition of the master, started to be available in several languages.

In 2003, EENI joined the UN International Commission on Distance Learning.

EENI is a certified member of the International Commission on Distance Learning (ECOSOC United Nations)


In 2006, EENI opened corporate headquarters in Tarragona (Barcelona - Spain).

In 2007, EENI has launched the GLOBAL EXPORT DIRECTORY and the Alumni EENI Networking

In 2007, we began the second phase of the Africa Export Project.

First Edition of the Master in International Business University Ouaga II (Burkina Faso) and EENI
Master of Science in International Business (Burkina Faso)

Doctorate in International Business (DIB) Online

The growth strategy for next years focuses on a philosophy of regionalization and adaptation of the courses to different geographical areas:

  1. French-speaking countries. Almost the whole master has already been translated and adapted to French language. New Master of Science in International Trade and Business in Africa has been developed for the African students
  2. Lusophone countries. The Adaptation of the training offered to the reality of these countries (Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique), translation of the Master of Science in International Business to Portuguese
  3. Asia. EENI has developed a long-term strategy to adapt to the Asian Countries. The adaptation focuses on the translation of the web to several Asian languages (Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai) and the creation of local content (the first step was the creation of the Master in Business in Asia)
  4. Latin America. EENI has made significant efforts to adapt the courses locally. We launch the Master of Science in Business in America. New subjects (learning units) of “Doing Business in” has been developed for all the American Countries
  5. Arab Countries. EENI considers that its platform can be used as a link between the Western countries and the Arab culture. Therefore, after translating its website into Arabic, EENI develops a positioning strategy for these countries. In 2006, we launched the MIB Arabic Project

HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (Arabia) EENI Master Honoris Causa
EENI delivers to HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal a Master Honoris Causa.

Student, Online Doctorate in International Business

Paterson Ngatchou - EENI Strategic Alliances with educational institutions
EENI Partnerships with Educational Institutions

Message from EENI General Director.

Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish EENI Study Doctorate in International Business in French EENI Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese EENI.

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