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Why study at EENI? Master International Business

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The aim is to ensure that the students acquire efficient skills, values, and tools to deal successfully


EENI Global Business School is focused exclusively on International Business Education Programs (Online Courses, Masters, Doctorate) since 1995. Our “educational core business” is international business (foreign trade, global marketing...).

The global business changes extraordinarily fast; only an exclusive focalization allows adapting to change.

Areas of Knowledge.

Online Courses, Masters and Doctorate in International Business taught by EENI are structured in nine areas of knowledge (700 ECTS):

International Business Specialization

  1. Globalization, regionalization, and Economic Organizations
  2. Foreign Trade and Logistics
  3. International Marketing and Internationalization
  4. Business in America
  5. Business in Africa
  6. Business in Asia-Pacific
  7. Business in Europe
  8. Business in Muslim Countries
  9. Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business

Foreign Trade (Importing, Exporting)

Global Marketing: export prices, distribution, promotion..

Religions, Ethics, and Global Business

Online Students, Master in International Business and Foreign Trade

International Business Modules.


This specialization makes it possible to be the world leaders. For example, EENI is the only business school in the World having regional masters (eLearning): Master of Science in International Business in Asia, Africa, Emerging Markets, America or the Pacific Rim.


EENI has more than 30 years of experience teaching on line international trade.

EENI Master Advantages

Professors and Coaches are fundamental in our training model; the Professor is always available to the student. A team of Professors will respond to the student's questions and evaluate the exercises.

EENI Professors:
EENI Global Business School Professors

Continuous Assessment: Evaluations and thesis.

Each course contains exercises that are evaluated, which the student must work out and pass to obtain the diploma.

Students should expect to dedicate a minimum of 12 hours per week working on lessons and assignments.

African Students, Master International Business and Global Trade

The course learning materials have been developed by a group of more than thirty scholars (University professors, Entrepreneurs, and Director of International Business) on International Business from several countries, with the aim of offering a “glocal” (global/local) approach to EENI students.

The first edition was published in 1996, every year we update the courses and add new subjects and contents.

The Instructional Materials are distributed in a digital format and can be downloaded from the e-Campus. It is unnecessary to be connected to the Internet to study it.

Practical Training: Case Method.

EENI Global Business School works with the case method, a method of learning by presenting a business Case Study (the concept of “best practices and world-class”). The Case studies are provided to give to the student's practice dealing with some topics that were discussed in the course.

Multilingual education.

In the globalization age is necessary to master languages, for that reason, the learning materials are available in several languages for improving your international communication skills.

The courses are available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, some subjects (learning units) are available in Russian, Chinese, or Arabic. The student has free access to the course materials in these languages (free multilingual training).

Adaptation to each country.

Strategy G-R-L (Global, Regional, and Local). The contents of the Masters and Doctorate are adapted to each country's context. By ex. the Master in International Business is customized to more than 180 countries (Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East).

Networking with students from over hundred countries.
EENI Students Export

  1. Educational Partnerships

Student Profile - Master in International Business.

What do our students think of us?.

Students who have finished our courses, in general, have improved their work prospects, either ascending in the company or finding a better position in another company.

Many prestigious International Trade leaders around the world have profited from EENI professional courses and have used skills, expertise, and knowledge gained to bring the practical benefits to the world of international business.

Philosophy of studies.

The e-Campus is an e-learning platform with the objective to compliment the materials delivered and to provide support to the students. When a student is registered for a course, diploma, master or doctorate; he will receive by e-mail the access codes to the virtual campus.

Customized education.

 One of the competitive advantages of the e-learning is to be able to offer a customized education to each student, and that is what makes our model different. It allows, under the coach supervision and within the limits marked by the course, that each student can develop those concepts they need for their professional activity.

E-Learning is a flexible way to learn; e-learners are those people who are unable to attend regular classes because of work or personal commitments or because they live too far away from the college's campuses.

The students who need to improve their knowledge, who are eager to learn and who are willing to participate actively in the course, will find in this learning model all the necessary means to improve their work perspectives and knowledge.

Development path

The education is related to the knowledge that the students are going to gain, by understanding the needs of the market through an analytic view provided by our international team of scholars and professors.

Professors International Business and Global Trade (Courses, Masters)

The aim of the programs offered at EENI is to ensure that the students acquire the effective skills, a valuable attitudes, values, and tools to deal successfully with the labour market according to their competence profile.

The goals to achieve by EENI Global Business School are.

  1. Analytical thinking
  2. Self-knowledge and self-learning
  3. Intercultural Communication
  4. Planning, Organization, and approach to achieving
  5. Search and information management
  6. Languages
  7. Flexibility and empathy

Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB)

Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish EENI Study Doctorate in International Business in French EENI Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese EENI.

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