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Victor Schoelcher (French Abolitionist)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Victor Schoelcher (Abolitionist, France).

  1. Victor Schoelcher (French Humanist and Abolitionist, Catholic);
  2. His role in the abolition of Slavery.

French Abolitionist Victor Schoelcher (slave trade)
Victor Schoelcher Abolitionist (Course Master Doctorate)

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Victor Schoelcher (French Abolitionist).

The Writer, Abolitionist, and Humanist Victor Schoelcher was born in 1804 in Paris (France, Europe); he died in 1893.

  1. With twenty-five years he travelled to the United States, Mexico, and Cuba to do business; but he discovers the brutality and inhumanity of slavery;
  2. After the trip to the Americas, he decided to devote his life and resources to the Abolition of Slavery in French colonies;
  3. In his work, he analyses the economic and social benefits of the abolition of the African-Americans slaves (as in England);
  4. Chairperson of the Committee for the abolition of Slavery in France (1848): 260,000 people were released in Africa, America, and the Indian Ocean Islands;
  5. “Schoelcher was a revolutionary beating abolitionism” Aime Cesaire;
  6. Victor Schoelcher was Catholic (Christianity).

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