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Syllabus of the Subject: Reginald Mengi (Tanzanian Businessman and Philanthropist).

  1. Reginald Mengi (Tanzanian Muslim Businessman)
  2. IPP Media Company

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Reginald Mengi Tanzanian Businessman (Course Master)

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Description of the Online Subject: Reginald Mengi (Tanzanian Businessman)

Reginald Abraham Mengi (Tanzanian self-made Millionaire, Businessman, and Philanthropist) was born into a very humble family, even some days he cannot eat anything.

  1. With a great effort, he succeeded to study in London
  2. In 1971, Reginald Mengi returned to Tanzania working on multinational accounting (Coopers), in 1989 he was elected as the Chairperson of this Company
  3. Some months later; he left this company and founded his media company: IPP Limited
  4. Today the group created by Reginald Mengi is one of the largest Tanzanian enterprises
  5. IPP Media publishes several newspapers: The Guardian, Nipashe, or Taifo Letu
  6. The group also manages TVs and Radio stations in East Africa
  7. PhD Reginald Mengi is also the owner of Bonite Bottlers (Coca-Cola), IPP Resources (Mining), Infocom Technologies,
  8. The estimated net worth of Reginald Mengi is about 550 million dollars (Forbes)
  9. In 2012, Reginald Mengi was awarded the Business of Peace Award (Oslo) and in 2008 with the Martin Luther King Drum Major for Justice Award (United States)
  10. PhD Reginald Mengi is also the Director of the Media Owners Association of Tanzania, Tanzanian Industries Confederation and the East African Business Council (East African Community)

PhD Reginald Abraham Mengi is Muslim

Reginald Mengi belongs to the East African Economic Area of the African Civilisation

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