Mohammed Dewji (Businessperson, Tanzania)

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Sub-subject: Mohammed Dewji (Tanzanian Businessman. Muslim). Syllabus:

  1. Mohammed Dewji: Tanzanian Muslim Businessman
  2. The Tanzanian Conglomerate METL Group
  3. The Metl Foundation
The sub-subject “Mohammed Dewji (Entrepreneur, Tanzania, Muslim)” is studied...
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Sample of the Sub-subject: Mohammed Dewji (businessperson, Tanzania)
Mohammed Dewji Tanzanian Businessman

Description of the Sub-Subject: Mohammed Dewji (Tanzanian Businessman):

  1. The Tanzanian businessperson Mohammed Dewji “Mo” was born in 1975 in Singida (Tanzania - East Africa)
  2. Mohammed Dewji studied his secondary education in Dar Es Salaam, the high school in New Jersey, and International Finance and Business at Georgetown University (USA). In the US he worked for JP Morgan Investment Banking
  3. In 1998, Mohammed Dewji returned to Tanzania to join the familiar business group: The METL Group (Mohammed Enterprises Tanzanian Limited), with activities in agriculture, finance, distribution, real estate, mobile telephony, or manufacturing
  4. Today, Mohammed Dewji is the CEO of the METL Group
  5. METL Group represents 2% of the Tanzanian GDP (5 billion dollars) and more than 24,000 employees
  6. Mohammed Dewji is Muslim
  7. Dewji is the second richest in Tanzania (estimated net worth of 560 million dollars) and the first Tanzanian to appear at Forbes Magazine
  8. Mohammed Dewji also participates in politics. In 2005, he was elected to Member of Tanzanian Parliament
  9. RSC. The MeTL group has created the MeTL Foundation, spending more than 2 million dollars in education, water supply, and health

The African Businessman Mohammed Dewji belongs to the East African Economic Area of the African Civilisation.

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