Ports of Tema and Takoradi (Ghana)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Port of Tema and Port Takoradi (Ghana). Gateway to West Africa.

  1. Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA)
  2. Port of Tema
  3. Port of Takoradi
  4. Main features of the ports
  5. Gateway to the West African Markets
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Sample of the Subject: Ports of Tema and Takoradi (Ghana)
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Description of the Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Ports of Tema and Takoradi

Port of Tema (Ghana):

  1. The Port of Tema is the largest Ghanaian port
  2. Outstanding Logistics Hub in West Africa
  3. 85% of Ghanaian foreign trade
  4. 12.1 million tonnes annually
  5. Located in the industrial city of Tema (30 kilometres East of Accra)
  6. Inland Clearance Depots (Golden Jubilee Terminal)
  7. Vehicles imported in containers
  8. Deepwater port (9 - 18 metres)
  9. 12 berths
  10. Two jetties
  11. Free zone
  12. New Container Terminals (Project)
  13. New Ro-Ro Terminal (Project)

Port of Takoradi

  1. The Port of Takoradi is the first commercial port of Ghana
  2. 66% of Ghanaian exports/19% of imports
  3. Top export products: Manganese, Bauxite, Forest Products, and Cocoa
  4. 225 kilometres west of Accra
  5. 300 kilometres east of the Port of Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
  6. Gateway to Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso

Trans-African corridor: Dakar-Ghana-Lagos corridor

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