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Osama Abdul Latif (Sudanese Businessman)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Osama Abdul Latif (Muslim Businessman. Sudan)

  1. Osama Abdul Latif (Sudanese Muslim Businessman);
  2. DAL Group (Sudanese Conglomerate).

Osama Abdul Latif (Sudanese Muslim Businessman)
Osama Abdul Latif. Sudanese Muslim Businessman (Master, Sudan)

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Osama Abdul Latif (Sudanese Businessman).

Osama Abdul Latif is a prominent Sudanese Muslim Businessman.

  1. Latif is the President of the DAL Group one of the largest company in Sudan; the headquarters are in Khartoum;
  2. The DAL Group is recognized for his strong business principles and ethical values;
  3. Osama Abdul Latif is one of the richest men in Sudan and a respected Muslim;
  4. The DAL Group aims to be the ideal partner for companies seeking to do business in Sudan;
  5. The Dal Group offers to foreign companies his strong knowledge of the Sudanese culture and local business environment; the group has a large geographical presence in Sudan (100 distribution warehouses);
  6. Dal is a group of companies formed by Dal Motors (Mercedes-Benz distributor, Mitsubishi, Kia), Engineering Dal, Dal foods (exclusive bottler of Coca-Cola in Sudan), Dal Agriculture, Dal Construction (Caterpillar), Sand utrac;
  7. 5,500 employees work in the DAL Group;
  8. The group is present in Ethiopia, China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the Emirates, the UK, and Djibouti;
  9. Zadna (means “our food” in Arabic) is an example of the vision of the Group: “designing value-added products and services that meet the needs of customers”.

The Dal Group donates significant resources to philanthropy:

Corporate Responsibility is about integrating social contribution and responsibility into our everyday business activities.” Mr Osama Daoud Abdellatif.

Osama Abdul Latif (African Businessman) belongs to the East African Economic Area (African Civilization).

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