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First Edition of the Master in International Business (Foreign Trade, International Marketing, and Internationalisation), University Ouaga II (Burkina) and EENI (School of International Business).

On December 15, 2012 took place the official ceremony of completion of the first edition of the Master in International Business e-learning, taught jointly by the University Ouaga II and EENI (School of International Business).

Master in International Business (Burkina Faso)

The act was presided by His Excellency the President of the Economic and Social Council of Burkina Faso (Mr Paramanga Ernest Yonli) the Minister of Public Work and Social Security (Mr Soungalo A. Ouattara), the Minister of Secondary and Higher Education (Mr Moussa Ouattara), the Director of the University Ouaga II and the Director of EENI (Mr Pedro Nonell Torres).

13 Burkinabe students have achieved the Diploma of Professional Master's Program in International Business issued by the University Ouaga II and EENI (School of International Business). Currently, the second promotion of the master is being finalised, and the 3rd and 4th editions of the master have begun.

EENI Master Burkina Faso

We are especially proud of this project. Burkina Faso is one of the World's poorest countries, while EENI has offered Scholarships to the students of the Master; we know the economic effort that means for the students (and their families) to enrol in a master of this kind. We are proud that almost all students of this promotion of the Master are already working in positions related to the foreign trade.

We wish also highlight the great professionalism of the Directors of the Master in Burkina, Dr Geneviève Barro and Dr Ousséni SO

Following the success of this Master in Burkina Faso, the University Ouaga II and EENI have agreed to expand the Master in International Business (Foreign Trade, International Marketing, and Internationalisation) across the West African Economic and Monetary Union region in 2013.

Students Master Burkina

The ceremony also celebrated the completion of the Master in “Management of NGO and Associations” of the University Ouaga II.

We also wish to thanks to the Honorary Consul of Burkina Faso in Barcelona, Mr Joseph M ª Comalada Simon, for his invaluable collaboration.

EENI in Africa
EENI has always supported the development of Africa, in 2004, we launched the first phase of the project “Africa Export” with the aim of offering scholarships to the African Students, with special emphasis on the African Women and the development of courses on business and foreign trade in Africa. In 2007, we began the second phase of the project and we introduced the “Master in International Trade and Business in Africa.” Currently, EENI has students in almost all the African Countries. EENI offers his courses and masters in Africa in English, French, and Portuguese. EENI also has two African professors specialised in foreign trade and Business in Africa.

Alliance: University Ouga II & EENI
In 2009, was signed an educational partnership between the two institutions with the aim of imparting the “Master in International Business” jointly. The University Ouaga II is the responsible for the local management of the Master: enrolment, examinations, meetings, thesis... EENI is the responsible for the contents of the master (in French), the e-campus (e-learning platform), and the support of professors from other countries...
PhD Geneviève Barro and PhD So Ousseni was the Co-Directors of the Master in Burkina. Susana Fernandez (Director of International Relations of EENI) was the Co-Director of this Master by part of EENI.

PhD Genevieve Barro Burkina
PhD Geneviève Barro, Director of the Master in International Trade in Burkina.

Abdoul Karim Ouandaogo (EENI Alumni)
Ouandaogo Abdoul Karim (Student of the Master in International Business University of Ouagadougou & EENI) winner of one WAEMU regional award.

We Trust in Africa

The University Ouaga II was inaugurated in 2008 in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) at the initiative of the Government of Burkina to meet strong demand for higher education in the African Country. Both the University of Ouagadougou and the University Ouga II are positioned as the second-largest university pole in the region of the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa (WAEMU): Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo. The West African Economic and Monetary Union region has about eighty-two millions of people and share a common currency: The CFA Franc.

EENI - School of International Business is a European business school specialised in foreign trade, international business and global marketing with more than 4,000 students from hundred countries. EENI is a certified member of the International Commission on Distance Learning (ECOSOC United Nations). EENI Headquarters are in Spain.

Educational Partnerships

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