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Guatemala-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject

Guatemala-Taiwan Agreement free-tariff treatment, agricultural products

  1. Introduction to the Taiwan-Guatemala Agreement
  2. Benefits of the Guatemala-Taiwan Agreement
  3. Rules of Origin
  4. Customs Procedures
  5. Regional Value Content
  6. Foreign Trade between Taiwan and Guatemala

Guatemala-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Guatemala-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

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Foreign Trade and Business in Central America

Taiwan-Guatemala Free Trade Agreement.

The Guatemala-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entered into force in 2006.

  1. Under the Guatemala-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement, Guatemala will extend the free-tariff treatment to 447 export agricultural products from Taiwan
  2. Taiwan (ROC Republic of China) will grant tariff exemptions to 644 or 41% of listed Guatemalan agricultural export products, sustain actual levels for 12.5%, and gradually lower tariffs on the rest
  3. Businessperson from Taiwan are also allowed to invest in Guatemala and then extend their operations, or export their products, to the U.S. and other countries in Central America under the terms of the Central American Free Trade Agreement to which Guatemala is a member
  4. Guatemala exports 40 million dollars in products to Taiwan, and imports 90 million dollars
  5. Coffee and sugar are the main products that Guatemala exports to Taiwan

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