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European Union-Chile Association Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject

Chile-European Union Association Agreement Government procurement

  1. EU-Chile Association Agreement
  2. Rules of Origin of the EU-Chile Association Agreement
  3. Proofs of origin of the Chile-EU Agreement
  4. Trade Relations between the EU and Chile

Sample - EU-Chile Association Agreement
European Union-Chile Association Agreement

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Market Access - Free Trade Agreements

The European Union and Chile finished an Agreement in 2002, which included an Association Agreement (entered into force in 2003).

The EU-Chile Association Agreement covers all the fields related to the bilateral relations between the EU and Chile.

The EU-Chile Association Agreement creates.

  1. A free-trade area in products, services, and government procurement
  2. Liberalizes the foreign direct investment (FDI) and capital flows
  3. Strengthens of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

International trade.

  1. The Republic of Chile ranks 32th among the EU import partners and 39th among the export partners
  2. The EU is the second largest import source of Chile and its second largest export market

Foreign Trade in Products (Euros).

  1. The EU exports of products to Chile: 4.5 billion
  2. The EU product imports from the Republic of Chile: 7.4 billion

Chile and the EU belongs to the Hispanic American and the European economic area of Western Civilization.

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