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European Union-Algeria Trade Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject

Algeria-European Union Association Agreement. Safeguard Measures

  1. Introduction to the EU-Algeria Association Agreement
  2. Safeguard Measures under the Agreement
  3. Rules of Origin and Proofs of origin of the EU-Algeria Association Agreement
  4. Pan-Euro-Mediterranean system of accumulation of origin
  5. International Trade between Algeria and the EU

Sample - EU-Algeria Association Agreement:
European Union-Algeria Association Agreement

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Foreign Trade and Business in the Maghreb

The European Union-Algeria Association Agreement was signed on 2002.

The EU-Algeria Association Agreement is not limited to a free-trade area creation, but the agreement includes Foreign Trade, economic and, financial cooperation, and Foreign direct investment (FDI) flows.

The EU-Algeria Association Agreement:

  1. The opening period for the Trade Liberalization is asymmetric and imminent for the EU
  2. EU-Algeria Association Agreement applies to all the industrial exports and a list of agricultural products
  3. Exceptional Safeguard Measures allow Algeria to protect their industries
  4. The EU is the first trading partner of Algeria
  5. The EU accounts for 55% of the imports from Algeria and 50% of the Exports
  6. The Republic of Algeria (Maghreb) represents only 1.8% of the imports from the EU and 1.2% of exports

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