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Chile-Peru Free Trade Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject

Trade barriers. Chile-Peru FTA Agreement. Investment Flows

  1. Introduction to the Chile-Peru (FTA)
  2. Advantages of the Peru-Chile Agreement
  3. Rules and Certification of Origin
  4. Trade Relations between Chile and Peru
  5. Investment Flows

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Market Access - Free Trade Agreements

Sample - Chile-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Chile-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

The Chile-Peru Free Trade Agreement entered into force in 2009.

The Chile-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA) contains dispositions on:

  1. Market access for products
  2. Technical Barriers to Bilateral Trade
  3. Rules and certificate of origin
  4. Temporary Entry for Business Persons
  5. Customs Procedures
  6. Safeguards
  7. FDI
  8. Anti-dumping
  9. Competition Policy
  10. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
  11. Trade in Services
  12. Cooperation and international trade promotion
  13. Dispute Settlement
  14. Transparency

Trade Relations between Chile and Peru.

  1. Exports of Peru to Chile were 1,372 million dollars (3.9% of the total exports to the world)
  2. Imports of Peru from Chile were 1,000 million dollars, representing 3.6% of the total Peruvian imports
  3. Chile is one of the largest trade partners in the region and is the seventh export destination of Peru
  4. FDI of Chile in Peru was 11,098 million dollars (18.4% of the total invested abroad)

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