Ms Randa Ayoubi (Businesswoman, Jordan)

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Sub-subject: Randa Ayoubi (Jordanian Muslim Businesswoman). Syllabus:

  1. Randa Ayoubi (Muslim): Jordanian businesswoman
  2. Rubicon Group
Sub-subject “Randa Ayoubi (Jordan, Muslim)” is studied…
  1. Masters (e-learning): International Business, Muslims Countries
  2. Doctorates: Islamic Markets, Ethics, Religion, and Business

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رندة أيوبي

Sample of the sub-subject: Randa Ayoubi:
Randa Ayoubi

Sub-Subject Description: Randa Ayoubi (Jordanian businesswoman):

In 1994, the Muslim Businesswoman Ms Randa Ayoubi founded a little venture capital project in Jordan (the Middle East): the Rubicon Group, with the objective of:

“Seeks to illumine the person spirit and glint the thoughts of anyone searching for an enchanting leisure.”

Rubicon Group is present in Amman (Jordan), Los Angeles (USA), Manila (The Philippines) and Dubai (UAE) distributing its products through TV, Advertising, Corporate, Games, Applications, or Licensing.

  1. Ms Randa Ayoubi is Muslim
  2. Ms Ayoubi studied a Postgraduate in Harvard.
  3. The United Nations recognised her for her educational labours in the African Continent.
  4. Ms Ayoubi is also a member of the Board of Directors of the King Abdullah II Academy

Arab Women  Randa Ayoubi belongs to the Arab Economic Area of the Islamic Civilisation.

Religions and Global Trade.

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