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Chile-MERCOSUR Economic Agreement

Syllabus of the Subject: Economic Complementation Agreement between Chile and the MERCOSUR (Course).

  1. Introduction to the Chile-MERCOSUR Economic Complementation Agreement (ACE N° 35)
  2. International Trade between Chile and the member countries of the MERCOSUR
  3. Investment Flows between Chile and the member states of the MERCOSUR
  4. Certificate of origin of the Chile-MERCOSUR agreement

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Example of the Subject: Chile-MERCOSUR Agreement (FTA)
Chile-MERCOSUR Free Trade Agreement (Course)

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Description of the Subject: Chile-MERCOSUR Economic Complementation Agreement.

The Economic Complementary Agreement (ECA Nº35) Chile-MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market) entered into force in 1996.

The Economic Complementation Agreement establishes Chile as an associate member of the MERCOSUR

The main objectives of the Chile-MERCOSUR (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela) Economic Complementation Agreement are:

  1. To create an open economic niche that tends to facilitate the free movement of export products and services as well as a the full employment of productive factors
  2. To build a free trade zone between Chile and the MERCOSUR in a ten year period
  3. Promotion development and use of physical structure
  4. Mutual foreign direct investment (FDI) promotion
  5. To promote the economic, energetic, scientific, and technological complementation and cooperation

The Chile-MERCOSUR Agreement covers

  1. Foreign trade in services
  2. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  3. Trade regimes
  4. Customer Defence
  5. Physical integration

International Trade Chile-MERCOSUR

  1. The MERCOSUR is the third largest trade partner of Chile, after the United States and the European Union
  2. The MERCOSUR ranks as the fifth-largest market for the Chilean exports

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the MERCOSUR and Chile belongs to the Latin American Economic Area (Western-Christian Civilisation).

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