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Issad Rebrab (Businessperson, Algeria)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Issad Rebrab (Algerian Businessman).

  1. Issad Rebrab (Algerian Businessman)
  2. CEVITAL Group

Sample: Issad Rebrab (Algerian Businessman)
Issad Rebrab, Algerian Businessman, Founder of CEVITAL, Algeria

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Description: Issad Rebrab (Algerian Businessman)

Issad Rebrab (Algerian Businessperson) was born in Ouzou (Algeria) in 1944.

  1. Issad Rebrab is the founder of CEVITAL the first private company in Algeria and one of the largest groups in Africa, recently, the company has acquired the Italian steelmaker Luchini
  2. In 1971, Issad Rebrab acquired 20 percent of the Algerian metallurgic enterprise SOTECOM.
  3. In 1995, a terrorist attack destroyed many factories of his company, and Issad Rebrab leaves Algeria
  4. In 1998, Issad Rebrab returned to his country and founded CEVITAL.
  5. Today, Issad Rebrab is the Director of CEVITAL with an interest in industry, agribusiness, automotive, and distribution
  6. Some companies of the CEVITAL Group are:
    1. Cevital Food Processing Industry (petroleum and sugar refinery, mineral water, packaging, and margarine)
    2. CEVIAGRO (agricultural production)
    3. NOLIS (maritime trade and Import-Export)
    4. Hyundai Algeria
    5. Volvo Public Works
  7. CEVITAL is the owner of the largest sugar refinery in the World
  8. The five songs of Issad Rebrab works in CEVITAL.
  9. Forbes considers him as the ninth richest men in Africa (3.2 billion dollars)
  10. Issad Rebrab has not made public his religious affiliation, but it seems to be Jewish

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Issad Rebrab belongs to the Maghrebian Economic Area

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